Are Aliens Real?

I’ve got a theory on whether or not aliens exsist and it’s based on what I know of space (which isn’t much). I’d like to hear what all my viewers think and w…


Cootabux says:

There’s no question about that. I didn’t believe any of the stories, until my military service. That was many years ago. But today when people ask me how they can get to the truth, I tell them to watch the Disclosure Project videos here on YT. Research pilot (military & civilian) and also Astronaut testimonies. Why these areas? Bcuz the majority of people who are coming out about it are at the ends of their lives and are willing to divulge info that they couldn’t before b/c of security threats

majesticleader says:

Ive read 3000 ufo books, watched thousands of hours of video footage and consider myself the worlds leading ufo expert. Aliens exist, trust me.

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