Google Earth Real Amazing Ufo Alien Invasion Fleet Captured!! A Must share!! New 2014

Google Earth Real Amazing Ufo Alien Invasion Fleet Captured!! A Must share!! New August 2014 News reports identified UFO’s & UFO sightings in this neighborhood and so i went to Google Earth…


shawnie g says:

surely people would of seen the ufo some of them r in gardens and the side
of a busy road 

Littleking20xD says:

I’d like to be a ally 

dynoplasm says:

Google earth is about 6 months to 1 year behind real time. Are we supposed
to believe that the images on Google earth which are not in real time,
were coincidentally the same day that UFO sightings were reported?
Really? That is HIGHLY IMPROBABLE. And why would you think blottings on the
map are a cover for UFO’s. It could have been Google honoring a privacy
request by a business, a home, or to cover up a naked sun bather for all we
know. Regardless, the music in the video made it worth it.

danielofdoriaa says:
L_DOG says:

what is the city these are in ?

Littleking20xD says:

Any of witch r ignoring there presence here to 

Svein Magne Snyen says:

Great catch ,,, we are allredy invaded .. They controll everything . . We
must do something now / 

Sheena Couture says:

Um, I totally believe in UFO sightings but this looks a hell of a lot like
water droplets on the lens. 😛 

Littleking20xD says:

Daniel im scared can u send me book i have many dreams of other worldly
beings plz help urgent message 

Soup GDWinney says:

Invasion fleet??!!! LMFAO!!!
Poster, you are aware that there is vids out there with HUNDREDS of UFO’s
flying in the sky….right? You have 10…this is your INVASION FLEET? Geez
dude, these ones are just out for a frigging Sunday drive/flyby!! They’re
probably heading to Denny’s for the grand slam breakfast deal!!
INVASION FLEET!!! Too flipping funny!!
Nice vid though!

But, as always, that’s just my own opinion! :)))

antonio uribe says:

Atemorizan-te el echo de estar siendo vigilados y estudiados con fines
desconocidos, por naves invisibles

Covaughn Deboskie says:

Can I get know where this is 

cosmictrails says:

Thanks daniel.
Cheers ;)

Loquendo Lucas says:

Google Earth Real Amazing Ufo Alien Invasion Flee…:

Micheal Sharpe says:

Where is this at on Google Earth?

Whirled Publishing says:

Please type into the description box beneath the video that news reports
identified UFO’s sightings in this neighborhood and that you then went to
Google Earth to see if you could find them – and there they were – then
people will understand better what this video is about.

surviven6802 says:

Thank you very much! 

Michael Scarbrough says:

Wow. A lot of evidence of ufo’s there. What are they up 2 ?

Ashar Ali says:

Co ordinates of these spotings ?

jason vaughan says:

Jesus christ. This doesn’t prove anything. If they were real giant crafts,
then the people living there would have also seen them. Why don’t you write
them and ask if they saw anything. Idiot

ChantaClaus says:

Hello Daniel, send me the coordinates, ty

Kyle Scott says:

Wow nice find, where is this?

Allan T says:

very very odd , why would there be a orb like shape but not just one, heaps
of them, great work my friend

Littleking20xD says:

Thank you bro :)

Andrew Griffith says:

Don’t know if they exist but all I got to say is. If we ever make contact.
Locate them and blow them up with every nuke we have. In all the movies, it
never plays out well for us lol. Plus if they are just explorers. Think
back to the Europeans coming to the new world. They were explorers and they
definitely weren’t friendly 

Milan Hak says:

Go to thuis the damn street view

surviven6802 says:

coordinates please. 

Kyle Scott says:

whoah ahah nice

Deeann Pookie says:

This proves nothing.

Aquariel Charm says:

Looks like an invasion of a reservoir, a few residential neighborhoods and
a mountaintop removal site. Would Allies of Humanity really hang around a
planet whose oceans and planet are dying because of Fukushima radiation,
drilling and mining? The real invaders are the dirty energy vampires, the
frackers, oil drillers, Tars Sands, KXL pipelines, nuke kooks, mountaintop
removers, seismic blasting the oceans, Monsanto. There’s your invaders.

Prometheus Freddie Mercury says:

GREAT!!….thanks danielof

CelestialRevelator says:

Every share this video! I recorded a UFO on earth cam! watch?v=_ZzMs8YhrzY

ned nedman says:

OVNI sur Google Earth ou goutte d’eau sur l’objectif?? NEDMAN

Mystical Knight says:

Something on the camera lens or cover. I saw the same thread of dirt or
something on a couple of the objects. Try again.

mcordima says:

Foo Fighters.

UFODI says:

that was 100% great bro

edmilson julkovski says:

Google Earth Real Amazing Ufo Alien Invasion Flee…:

michael johnson says:

How did they make those blue clouds? Pleas:¤

Gaynor Holland says:

Bloody hell couldn’t see much there were to menu orbs 

bantalee2002 says:

Where on earth are these at?

Артём Парфёнов says:

Возможно это эффект такой из-за скорости передвижения одного объекта, такое
можно наблюдать если быстро мотать рукой и на кажется что она в двух местах

Kemo Sabee says:

it’s been awhile I haven’t played connect the dots….in the meantime,
Martha, git me my shotgun, we got ourselves some company……damn ET, they
are everywhere today now.

Paladone101 says:

Unusual anomalies for sure. I don’t understand what you mean by “Only seen
one day”. They don’t change Google Earth Satellite scans daily, more like
once a year if then. You’re not looking at live satellite.

Debbie Allport says:

Google Earth covers up UFO’s Must Share …….

Elga Konietzny says:
firedash1FTW says:

Nice video btw send me cords and years plzz 

Jennifer Wyatt says:


DiyEcoProjects says:

hi, can you inbox me the coords please… id be interested in having a
look. Thanks

Interesting find

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