[New UFO documentary] UFO Government Secrets Revealed – Alien documentary

[New UFO documentary 2015] UFO Government Secrets Revealed – Alien documentary [New UFO documentary 2015] UFO Government Secrets Revealed – Alien documentary [New UFO documentary …


captainbillshatner says:

This documentary is almost 20 years old. Get something new! I flagged it
too :(

Robin Vibes says:

True Allies Of Humanity know we are not ready for contact. Don’t be
Please like and share; it’s important people become aware of what’s going

Ana Ayala says:

Its interesting to me that “ufo”s and WWII came about at the same time. The
Germans were already working on levitation/anti gravity before hand, and
had come up with a design shaped like a bell. As we know, not long after
this the allies went and beat up Germany and took all their scientists. I
don’t have much of a doubt that all of these “ufo”s are built right here on
the good ol’ earth. There could be no better cover than the “extra
terrestrial” bs that’s publicized so often. First it was grays, now there’s
grays, reptilians, a fucking galactic federation?! Come on. It seems people
would rather hear anything than the truth. That’s why it’s all such a big
secret. If word did get out that these “fo”s are not only identified, but
made right fucking here at home, every thing they’ve worked for so
painstakingly for the last couple hundred years will be out the window. The
“elite” are banking on people buying the bullshit alien attack in the near
future. So we will beg them to rescue us whatever the cost. It would be
better to die than to live with the conditions that will accompany your
“deliverance” from the imaginary aliens. A good thing need never be kept

michael smith says:

the story about the encounter at falcon lake was interesting I hear about
this story on unsolved mysteries he did show evidence its true burns on his
chest burns on the grounds landing he probably accidently encounter a ufo
im guessing the ufo landed so they can investigate the planet im guessing
when the alien heard someone there they decided to close the door and leave
fear of being capture in a alien planet to them meaning earth

Doug Ebersole says:

This reminds me of Refer Madness, it’s just as stupid 

Paul G says:

Let this fucking end happen for whatever sake and let’s already do this

Paul G says:

And playing with me. .. going to damn well get something!!!!!… I’m not
sure about these discs but you’ll get some damn discs there j.

Paul G says:

Really if did. . Sorry but I can’t understand how love anyone at this
point. I want to hit you all upside damn head. 

Anonymous Care Less Strange Life says:

“Living Among Us”

flim Documentary says:
sean helm says:

why does the bibel say in these words

let us create them in our image

makes you wonder the grays look alot like humans just a thought we are
not alone 

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