UFO sighting in Mauritius 10/04/2013

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UFOThings says:

Wen you want you can send( lonloniufo@gmail.com) me and i share it on youtube

hickiory says:

I have the same footage in the US yesterday 6:00

igamemaster21 says:

They just landed on our country yesterday

Unfortunate to say they didnt survive the crash

FindingUFO says:

Excellent video. Watch real UFO-sightings at my channel and SUBSCRIBE for more!

Max Bradz says:

You were recording this from an already taken vid on your tv or monitor

Leo Marcel van Leeuwen says:


manan ahmad says:

nice pic.

simion aretz says:

wasting time serious…

LPS Snowy says:

i know i trying to find out about thim . you too

antun belic says:

It is the light from the lamp

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