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livingselfsufficient . says:

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johnny blansit says:

Praise Jesus Christ our lord and King !

Chris Mcgrath says:

We need to embrace the fact that we are being visited, and start to take
this more seriously than we currently are, we need to start coming together
and push the goverment for answers, as I believe they are in contact with
these future time travelers!

Kevin Kral says:

For those who dig this video:
Go find back numbers of Graham Birdsall’s ‘UFO Magazine.’
A stack of them, preferably, as you are in for a treat both graphical and
Publication terminated abruptly, alas, as had Graham, just a bit earlier.
There’s nothing like it at the newsagents’ today.
I wish I’d never taken mine to Half-Price Books.
Oh, well.
Rock On.
ps. Does anybody remember the “FORBIDDEN PLANT” weed-poster from an advert
in UFO Magazine (there were several full-page ads for glorious crap in
every large-format issue)?
Sure wish I’d got me one o’ those.

FixItStupid says:

Don’t worry one bit people the new world order killed themselves with
nuclear nuclear fallout from Fukushima nuclear fallout from all the bomb
tests nuclear fallout from the very next nuclear event it’s a nuclear and
no matter what it’s a guaranteed mathematical algorithm no worries nobody’s
in control don’t you get it it’s just pure greed it’s a corporate
government and alphabets soup of corporate interests I’m sorry I just can’t
even see what he’s getting at every industries just full greed were all
going to get cancer the genome has been corrupted the Pacific ocean dies
the oxygen levels are dropping but the isotope levels are going higher it’s
coming down in the rain people Fukushima extinction level event people
educate yourselves 

Mayon Mango says:

UFOs Hard Evidence 2 ★ UFO Sightings Alien Flying Saucer Footage ET ♦
Graham Birdsall UFO Magazine

livingselfsufficient . says:
Tibi S says:

we are surrounding by monkey and humans ,i just wonder if someone laugh us
or is just a coincidence ☀☾☄ ₪itibira₪ 凹凹凹㋛凸凸

Dinostorm guy2 says:

YES! A UFO alien channel! :D

ronald sykes says:

U.F.O. tech talk with rambling ron @ mikefromspace you can learn
too. come join the spacecraft club, > empower yourselfs today.

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