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livingselfsufficient . says:

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livingselfsufficient . says:
Stephen Anthony says:

Sitchin was a total wind bag, please prove me wrong…what were his
credentials, where did he study….How do you know he in fact could read
Sumerian,egyptian, etc…No I think this guy sold millions a phony bill of
goods…Be careful folks what you believe and make sure the person teaching
has facts and proof to back up their claims.

daylight 1 says:

well it appears that it is in fact true…..as many people are sighting
other celestial objects in the sky…….i do not think it is the end of
earth…we have been in the change over of age for the last 100 years…now
we are in the space called Aquarius …these planets will be in this area
for the duration of the time of this age……know that the sky is being
imaged by high technology…..once the sky is free of the stranglehold on
it……we will be free of the lies corruption and greed…..behold the
light….it is here for you!

Adapa Titi says:

Zecharia Sitchin made several translation mistakes, but it is a lack of
sources. Please read by yourself, everything is there : loveenki.com
Nibiru no longer exists for a long time and they will try to discredit
everything Sitchin said when the Nasa will “prove” this (they know it long
time ago). I’m not saying that I know everything, but please make your own
opinion and spread the truth! Sitchin is right about certain facts but you
know what happens when someone gets too close to the truth…

Annette Weston says:

I wouldn’t call him a fraud- I do think he actually believed the things he
said…. In the beginning. But as time went on he was made aware of his
mistakes, and chose to ignore those facts. When I first became aware of
sitchen I thought he was great, that he was searching for the truth. As
time has gone on though, the truth it seems was not his main agenda. I lost
total respect for him and his work. When seeking truth, we should always
accept the eventual outcome, even if it’s not what we would’ve liked the
truth to be. 

Kiefer Hyder says:

Sitchen sounds like an elderly Beavis when he cough & laughs he heheheeh he *cough
cough* hehehehehe heehhe hehe hehehehe 

KillerB1956 says:

The Pink Kush Theory explains this using science and overwhelming evidence.
The ancient megalithic structures were built by Ubaidians AKA Anunnaki AKA
Tall Whites. They are tetraploid humans and they are still with us today
but in hiding as they do not want their existence to be known. They built
Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Gobekli Tepe, Puma Punka, Malta, Crete, etc. They
are very advanced, gave us civilization (As Above, So Below) and some
technology. We keep finding giant skeletons of them and the governments
keep the public from knowing these facts as they do not want you to know
the truth. God, Satan and Lucifer were tetraploid giants, not gods. Do your
own research and you will figure it out for yourselves.

These giants want the New World Order implemented and want to control all
of us and enslave us as they did in the past. They have great weapons and
spacecraft but they cannot defeat us as we are far too numerous. We are
aware of several of their subterranean locations around the world and can
use nuclear weapons if necessary so we will not take their threats lightly.
The Pink Kush Theory is the only reasonable explanation for these facts but
most people will remain in denial as they would rather believe that aliens
can break the laws of physics by travelling at several times the speed of
light. Beware of these tetraploids as they are super intelligent, great
deceivers and were cannibalistic in the past (which got blamed on us
diploid humans). They were the ones that wanted all first born babies to be
sacrificed and did many horrid things.

Time to accept the truth or you will be doomed to enslavement by these
creatures. They now control your government through deceit and the
government believes them. You will not be able to prove me wrong because it
is the truth. This will be the biggest story of 2015.

steve nunua says:

I wish people would knock off the “belief” crap. Learning is NOT about
believing. In fact belief is at the very heart of every human calamity of
past and present! Please read this:

MsTeaRex says:

A man so far ahead of his time! I truly believe he had divine Invention,
maybe Lord Enki was whispering in his ear! RIP Zecharia Sitchin, I hope
you are with the Anunnaki.

Jordan May says:

Sitchin is about 90% correct. I remember hearing about his ideas as a
teenager and thinking that they were the dumbest thing I ever heard. Well,
my tune has changed completely now that I am older. I take everything with
a grain of salt, but Sitchin’s ideas really open up your mind to a whole
other paradigm. If Nibiru’s passings guided civilization it really would
make certain legends and Biblical miracles make a whole lot more sense. 

karn fiddes says:

Who knows if he has read and fully understand what it says on thos
tablets.. but these peps knew alot for back in the day an having pic’s on
thos tablets with the solar system on it.. hello.. and with other storys
that they talk about are also in the bible.. so if u think jesus walk on
water e.t.c why not also think that what he says might be true or some
facts might be true.

Cristiano B. says:

If Zecharia is a fraud, so are the megaliths around the world.

chris turner says:

Anunnaki – Our Alien Origins – ENKI

Behrokh Ghanavati says:

Hi all,
I am a scientist, with a very open mind to religions, history, and of
course, science. The very useful data you find, when you become a scientist
is that you’ll find out the more you know is the less you know. Therefore,
instead of criticizing any (new or old) idea, person/s, theory (even maths
or physics), I do more search or research for that subject. Then, when I
achieve conclusions, I keep them to myself, because there is always more to
know, comprehend, and understand. The less we talk, and more we think, and
learn, the better scientists we are. Zecharia is a great individual who has
devoted his life for science, or findings of scientific answers for
questions. Therefor, if, and only if he has made a mistake, it does not
make him a fraud nor a crook. This object, the Nibriu planet has been
spotted, and will come. However, its unusual orbit makes it hard to
calculate its exact closest distance to the planet earth, and its maximum
impact with the destructions/distractions for the earth. Moreover, we could
hide or lie to ourselves or others, but cannot, and will not be able to
change the reality of any particle, or phenomenon nor twist them. A person
must be very foolish to state, and WRITE lies at his old age, as my age.


He is maybe right and maybe crazy, but all i know is, he may be right but
he may be wrong, and the moon tilt is real.

marios manesis says:

zecharia sitchin fabricate that story he is a big lier and there is no
planet nibiru

Johnny H says:

Who are these idiotic ‘scientists’ and ‘academics?’ Who paid them to say
this in regard to the Anunnaki? “Alternative translations of the name, such
as “those who from the heavens came to earth”, based on the work of
Zecharia Sitchin have been rejected by scientists and academics, who
dismiss his work as pseudoscientific.[2″ via Wikipedia

Basil TheGreat says:

why are we not funding this kind of info?… 

cheektapper says:

Though I’m not the most intellectual person I know, I have been looking
into these documentaries for several years. My only wish is that there was
a “For Dummies” version of all of his work so that my close friends who are
interested, would not get bored and end up asleep after a lecture. 

Cj Hart says:

No fraud.

livingselfsufficient . says:
benetton miranda says:

HaShem – The Name of The King of Nibiru

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