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janna turner smyth says:

oh btw how I came across you in the first place was that I was looking for
love and peace frequencies….and up your site came…very helpful…im
very new to all this but the journey and the searching is the best part. I
really admire Dr. Steven Greer. what do you think?

wwwTrueFreethinker says:

Too bad for Billy that when he was looking at his future in the spaceship’s
screens, where he saw his future wife, he did not see that she would expose
him as a fraud who makes fake spaceships with garbage can lids and takes
photos of them.
FYI: Semjase is the name of the lead fallen angel in the Book of Enoch.

Nick Walsh says:

At 47 minutes, your concept of flooding the ether is great… BUT… you’d
first have to kill all the lawyers. Big Pharma would have a hissy fit, and
the bastard they US elected in 2008 would lose his reason for existence.
It would take some pre-planning.

evan c says:

if he pleaidians are so evolved and so smart etc ,,why would they choose
billy? he beat both his wife and children alot.the fact that he did this to
his family makes me wonder about billys story…mythi..billys youngest said
he did see the lightships but did not see or ever talk to the ets and has
no idea if billy was telling the truth about what the pleaidians told him

James Croall says:

…and that it is time that world govts.officially acknowleged…and that
it is time that world govts officially acknowledged…

Marc Cheyne says:

Alien spirits!

Marc Cheyne says:

Alien spirits!

James Croall says:

…and that it is time that world govts.officially acknowleged…and that
it is time that world govts officially acknowledged…

Steve Misosky says:

Whoever promotes this hoax is a sucker. The evidence is ancient. Meier is
a fake.

ioanayt says:

Billy Meier ★ Alien UFOs Pleiadian UFO Pictures Plejaren Federation ♦
Randolph Winters Lecture

Kevin Sizemore says:


Geo Synchronous says:

Randolph Winters why did you rip off Billy Meier of the proceeds from your
sales ?
Its mention in the Billy Meier contact notes. Names Randy by name.


♞ I tell you the people that believe in bigfoot ,the loch ness monster
,ufo’s etc. are more justified in their beliefs than atheists are I bother
atheists because I know Im right and I know the other religions are wrong,
atheism is a RELIGION that is wrong . I can’t prove God to the godless
thats between them and God .but God wills me to hold this sign .I will do
as my lord wills me. Hell is the judgement spoken of in the Holy Word you
cant simply pretend God away! Look up did I just pretend away the black
for your belief/faith of no god please do if not see that atheists are
practicing in a false religion .You have no justification to say no god .No
justification to say no evidence for God. All you have is hatred for God
.So you stand against God .thats gonna be hard to do in hell. I have
evidence and I am justified to warn you .
↨ ┼ ↓ ♥ ↑ → † ↑ ← CHOOSE WISELY → †◄♥►✞ yes✔

Rey Hernandez says:

We at FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters,
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research project will focus on individuals who have had any type of
“Contact” with an ET (a “Non-Human Intelligent Being”).

FREE was established with the insistence and guidance of Dr. Edgar
Mitchell, the 6th man on the moon, and Dr. Rudy Schild, Emeritus Professor
of Astro-Physics at Harvard University. Both are founding members of
FREE’s Board of Advisors.

No one has ever attempted this type of study on Experiencers before– it
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The FREE Experiencer Research Project is being chaired by 2 retired
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Dr. Klimo is the Chair of our research project. Dr. Klimo has chaired over
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Klimo has also taught “Research Methodology” for over 40 years.

Other members of our research project are: Mary Rodwell, Whitley Strieber,
Barbara Lamb, Ralph Steiner, Kathleen Marden, Denise Stoner, Giorgio
Piacenza, Dr. Joe Lewels, Dr. Michael Melton, Chase Kloetzke, Michael Lang,
Cristina Knowles, and several others. This is the cream of the crop when it
comes “ET Contact Researchers”. Most of these individuals have worked with
“Experiences” for over 25 years.

The ET Contact Phenomena comes in “all flavors and colors”– some
Experiencers perceive their experiences as extremely positive while some as
extremely negative, and so many in between. FREE does not take any
position regarding what might be the “ET Agenda”. We might have our own
personal individual hypothesis and beliefs, but as an organization we stand
neutral on the ET Agenda issue. The ET Contact Phenomena is extremely
complex and we agree with Einstein when he said: “Whoever undertakes to set
himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter
of the gods.”

ANONYMITY: As a participant for our 2 surveys and formal interview, the
Participant has a choice to remain “ANONYMOUS”. There will be no way for us
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