Dr. Steven Greer Reveals The Findings Of Little Alien Baby


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TheAgentdanascully says:

What makes you think it’s a “baby”? Maybe it’s full-grown for its species.

sam phi says:

Greer is an achiever. The people rubbishing him here achieve only exposing themselves as the nobodies they know themselves to be.

Lets face it, you have to be a real moron to pay someone thousnads of dollars to wave laser pointers about! What a sucker ha ha ha.
I have a bridge your friend might like to buy.

lolnooblandia says:

You mean that “Star child skull” which has already been DNA tested and results were that of human DNA? not some star child crap?, seriously it baffles me how people can believe the star child skull actually belongs to an alien if it looks identical to the skull of a child with hydrocephalia or another similar condition.

7digitalSunday says:

No findings were revealed here ..
But it would be interesting to Compare DNA of this to that of Lloyd Pye’s Star Child skull.

7digitalSunday says:

interesting to compare this DNA to that of Lloyd Pye’s star child ‘s DNA ?

pickle430 says:

I for one do believe in Extraterrestrial life like many others believe unless you are a Biblical believer (No proof).

pickle430 says:

Okay, prove it if that’s what you believe.

Barnes466 . says:

Okay I do agree with the charging of that type of cash for a non-event for sure. Overall I still think he’s trying to do the correct thing by getting this stuff out into the public realm though. As a person who has had a number of experiences over the past 12 years or so, I do believe they are here and we are about to meet our extended families whether he has any input in the matter or not. I also don’t like the idea of him charging for the Sirius documentary as well, cheers

GreerExposed says:

How the hoaxing is occurring? Sure – Greer is taking advantage of the gullible and charging thousands to go on his field trips, and producing nothing.

You can read about one of his ‘Ambassador Training Sessions’ here to see what really goes on. This poor guy paid £2500 – and regrets it big time. His account;

bit. ly/173q6F1 (remove space)

Also says a lot about Greer’s character.

“The majority of my group that I spoke to agreed with me that Greer was rude, petty, insecure & a braggart”

Barnes466 . says:

Can you please explain to the rest of us how this is occurring? cheers


Implying, of course that if our sweet lil ET is a hoax, then all the massed information from 20 years, which will be filmed and archived for THIRTY HOURS at the Citizens’ Hearing of Disclosure, 29thApril-3rd May is all going to be a 100% hoax too!
Methinks tis highly improbable! – as Shakespeare himself could well have said! hehehe


why do you use an electronic voice? can you not afford a microphone?

JB007SEXY says:


GreerExposed says:

Nonbelievers in Greer, not necessarily in the possiblity of there being other life out there. We just see through his hoaxing 🙂

imiritu says:

why is it in microsoft sams voice?

electronicmedium says:

Its a Chicken bone lol

heartfire451 says:

Have seen a ufo. Don’t know if it was alien or some black project. It did some things not possible for current aircraft. I tend towards being a cautious believer.

Reiniere Maghirang says:


EAT POO says:

I’ve been thinking the same thing.

pickle430 says:

80 nonbelievers 

Adam Russell says:

Using a speech device the disabled folks use for this narrative was even worse than the horrid special effects.

True Dermut says:

Yes, the robot voice makes this seem so much more legit. The use of the same images over and over and over again also helps.

MrSisterfister100 says:

sorry bro i didnt mean to send that comment to you, i did somehow.

Kristy Charlton says:

Because of all the non believers the truth will never come out to the public. Too many people are making a mockery of what is fact……do you honestly believe we are alone..there is millions of galaxies…its ignorant to think we are…i say, enough of the hoax’s and bringout the truth….

EnkiSvohden says:

This is out-right bullshit. The more I learn about Greer the more I find him to be very questionable. I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast with him in it as well. Everytime they asked him a question about sources and even how he makes money off of it all, Greer would become dodgy and try to often change the subject. He wouldn’t give straight answers and would often stutter and “go back” on something he said. He looked, acted, and sounded like he was lying and getting nervous at times.

Tata Um says:

There is a little alien in the movie MIB, guiding a human-like robot. Interesting.

TheHighlanderprime says:

Whatever human flaws or gaffes that Greer may have revealed, it will not diminish his contributions to exposing ET secrecy. None of us is perfect; this includes Greer. But at least his cause is worthy in my eyes.
Unless you have more in terms of evidence to attack Greer’s character and credibility besides one or two word insulting comments, this conversation ends right now for me.

GreerExposed says:

Try it. Name his achievements.

TheHighlanderprime says:

If that’s your question, then you are operating with a grudge or bias to discredit Greer. This would disqualify us from having any kind of intelligent conversation about him.

GreerExposed says:

What achievements?

TheHighlanderprime says:

Where do you get off with such ridiculous accusation? Lies about what? If so where’s your case that he has lied about any particular subject matter? Small minded obscene accusations don’t make a case. Are you aware of this man’s achievements and contributions?

john ward says:

What has Dr Greer and John Edwards have in common,they tell shit load of lies.

eyechord says:

does really crappy sound mean its real, or not real? that is the question.

87ONYX14 says:

Oh my god! I have known this guy, he was from Pluto! Good buddy of mine…just joking. But aliens are here, thats a fact.

friendlyflow says:

Steven Greer has got that typical fraudface.


ajenda 1=$ sorry to say

HailstormPhoenix says:

Whoohooo! Tiny aliens 🙂
I wonder if they are bigger on the inside…hmmm….

ThePatsnation says:

Just because you have not found something does not mean it exists. Think morgellons disease.

BlessingsA says:

They weren’t kidding when they said “little green men”. But only six inches?!! What a disappointment. Their ray-guns must be tiny like a GI JOE doll gun. Total let down.

ChronoSerum says:

here’s the biggest clue. This guy has no clothes… why?

ChronoSerum says:

why are these aliens found naked? They didn’t invent clothes along with their advanced spaceships?

ChronoSerum says:

aliens are real. I’m not sure about this one but I’ve had some personal experience to tell you that yes, they are real.

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