REAL Alien Sighting! | Jenni’s Watching

Do aliens exist? Is there life on other planets? These are age old questions that have been asked for YEARS! Everyone has their own opinions on the matter, i…


Mike Blake says:

Check out the book by Scott Ramsey. He researched the Aztec crash for
several years. It was the crash of an alien ship, and no hoax.

Mark Caplow says:

I like your nail polish color in that video.

Openly Jake says:

Jenni…. I just love you so much. haha

The Gist says:

You’re so SMART. And adorable.

scott pollett says:

this chick rocks

Romeocoolbadboy007 says:

Do I get a reward for being first twice in a row?!

Georgia Tiernan says:


Griphen84 says:

Cool Star Wars t-shirt. Super one! Nice lovely hat also. And beautiful big
What can I say Jenni, you rock. Maybe they aliens will catch you soon. ;)

1-800-Donut Demon says:

I though that was real at first.

Lucy Looks Out says:


Scott Zakarin says:

We should sell the hat on Ebay

Expose TheTruth says:

Are you single? lol… I got ya to 300 views ;P lol

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