Real Alien UFO Caught On Video

Video shot out on the Atlantic ocean captures an alien UFO racing across the sky and joined minutes later with another UFO. These UFOs flew in formation across the sky. Unmistakable proof aliens do exist. Visit for more videos.

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blinkjed says:

UFO ist that BIRD lolz?

majorpunis says:

hahah birds dont fly that high.., because its white you assume its a bird. its more like and asteroid that has split into two as it hits the earths ozone, and the white line behind it is it burning up

Jorge Saenz says:

Chuck Norris lanzando una moneda al aire para decidir de que lado de la cancha jugaria….

payneh99 says:


funnysam6 says:

OH MY GOD ITS A BIRD … thats all it is… a bird

2004OrionVIICNG says:

No, it’s just Vegeta and Nappa.

Captain sparklez the best says:


kabyliewarrior says:


trần phán says:

UFO of Viet Nam 

commie buster says:

all i see are morons pointing on the planes..

jamie red says:

fukin jets bro


Have you heard about something that is called an airplane???

Brandt Casper says:

“Look it’s the PLANE boss the PLANE!” I’m still waiting for Ricardo Montalban to come out with that shit eating grin and say “Welcome to Fantasy Island!”

paranormal62 says:

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Zrokdani says:

wow aliens are going by airplanes *lol*

1987yuksel says:

That’s SAnta claus…

joshjazant3 says:

WOW !!!!!

Abderrahmane HARBI says:

Anyone else saw nothing but pigeons ?

niceshahd10 says:

Look wow there is a seagul but lets lie to b famous

PurpleHaze234 says:

technically it is a UFO but not from aliens asswipes.

BearMan20xXx says:

Omg this is such a good UFO, its got such good camo its invisible 😀


puraq666 says:

if there is NO voting bar, its means THIS VIDEO FAKE LIKE HELL…

ryanwooler360 says:

obvs just jets

PRdeSO says:

“Wow planes”

1burningsky says:


nytoe says:

Do you guys know what an u.f.o. is? It’s an unidentified flying object. And because they did not know what it was it was an u.f.o.

Jose Seastres says:

after years of painstaking research the aliens are..seagulls

Sirlongfarts says:

Ok fine. Every conspiracy from secret Reptilian NWO to 9/11 to Illuminati to Elvis is all true. Big deal. WHAT THE HELL IS ANYBODY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. Nothing. Now go buy stuff and get back to work.

cubybear212 says:

i know!!

Maila Vang says:

looks like 2 dead seagull falling.

stelsonordonez says:

yep there is scientific proof that the things in the sky are called seagulls

goostreygirl1234 says:

They are called seagulls x

Dan Hunt says:

Unmistakable proof of nothing

daniel woods says:

called birds.

setupwin32 says:

Why would you photo two completely normal birds?

9030701 says:


DoctrZhivago says:


BOMBheadDOM says:


FriendlyPredator says:

U.S.A Army not alien!! 😛

DarknessXER says:

honey badger dont give a shit.

80yearoldvirgin says:

Well, Seems to be legit. But Planes/fighter Planes can be saucer like image with that kind of distance. The eye is very tricky you know.

Kick A Ball says:

Chuck Norris was playing frisbee that time.

popnotmyface says:

Unmistakble proof that objects can fly.

port bort says:

what wuz teh time when they shot this video
maybe it was almost night and that wasnt U.F.O but starssss

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