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After abnormally aurora around the world on March 17, 2015 by NASA to stop the flow of data from sat [...]
The CELESTIAL Convergence | http://thecelestialconvergence.blogspot.com/ May 13, 2013 - UNITED STATE [...]
Amazing UFO near Plane Ovni Mothership Huge Alien Space Ship [non English video].mp4. [...]
Giant Alien shield to protect the Earth from solar flare! March 6, 2015 http://youtu.be/MpDzMYYuCCA [...]
Giant anomalies - cube, rods, various unidentified objects. Attention! If you can, make a donation: [...]
alien ship spotted near the moon video taken on nokia7610 .not very clear but delivers the package. [...]
Various types of UFOs. UFO - rods, UFOs - angel, UFO - Space Station. [...]
Part 4 of 4 - I have compiled a wealth of evidence here in order to further back up my claims that M [...]