Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

Music video by Alien Ant Farm performing Smooth Criminal. (C) 2001 Geffen Records


ViolencePerfected says:

I heard that michael jackson made a cover of this

Patrick Givney says:


Andrew Leblanc says:

Gayest moment of the video at 3:01

Andrew Leblanc says:

nice pants faggot.

robert farrell says:


james waldow says:


saundre simmons says:

YES IT WAS! MICK JAGGER HAD SWAG! then lil wayne messed that up.

Mc Mike says:

super swagg

Murdurr Man says:

I like this better than mikes version, i liked his too, but this cover did it justice

binary1123 says:

lol dumb troll is dumb

0FrodoBaggins says:

Hahaha! That’s the most idiotic thing i have ever heard! haha your a joke! May God save your soul.

joemsyt says:

when your name is lilwaynedabest u are simply retarted

341GuiltySpark says:

Not trying to be clever but.. Michael Jackson himself was a black guy trying to be white…

AllMusicIsAwesome221 says:

Thanks. :) I like your profile picture. ^_^

awyarekondoya says:

Trolls looking for attention and something to do. They probably love it… but love to upset people more. DONT FEED THE TROLLS lolololol

awyarekondoya says:

HAHAHAHAHA well said!

propanehns says:

better watch out for the swagdevil then!

goker1001 says:

I am not gay but i like the dancer ( The kid )

The9question says:

Alien Ant Farm opening Face! ; ):

MrMichaelMcG says:

You were dropped as a baby wasn’t you?

jamesjim955 says:

Will never understand why people watch music vids if they don’t like the artist and are just going t slag them off?

jamesjim955 says:

By far the best cover your right.

Sval Bard says:

It’s better than pretty good. It’s the best cover of this song. 😉

Sval Bard says:

I remember when “Swag” was a bag full of stolen goods…

Jack Simsen says:

do you know what swag means?
of course you don’t, it is a term used for the free items you get from trade shows to attract people to their booths/stalls and sell more items
it stands for Stuff.We.All.Get or Stuff.Wearable’s.And.Gifts
so you just said they need to go to a trade show and get free stuff, sing about free stuff, and stop doing what they love just because you don’t like it? well, you sir can rot in hell

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