Best Star Wars Aliens – The 10

In this installment of the 10, we’re picking the galaxy’s top alien species, from a teddy-bear tribe to the residents of Ryloth. For this list, we’re focusing on aliens from…


Star Wars says:

The staff counts down the top alien species you’d meet in a
galaxy far, far away. Where does your favorite rank?

Chris Pirillo says:

It’s a trap! Mon Calamari didn’t make the cut!

BotBrawler9699 says:

Scared the crap out of me when I saw Jar Jar in the intro. I’m not a
prequel hater or anything (I grew up with them, actually), but Gungans
deserved number 10 at best. Too many other great species for them to be

Manusfilm Studios says:

Really? There are so many amazing aliens in the Star Wars Universe and
you’re gonna choose Ithorians, Pau’an, Toydarians and Gamorreans?

What about *Zabraks, Mon Calamari, Gungans, Trandoshans, Nautolans* or *Kel

*Seems legit*.

Ford Friedel says:

Togrutas and Zabraks? They both made significant appearences in The movies
and Ahsoka Tano starred in The clone wars, Togrutas deffinatly deserve a

banethesithari says:

Why no Zabraks ?

Anakin Skywalker says:

Ewoks suck.

TanoSithLord says:

Zabrak, Togruta, Mirialan, Chiss, Sith, Kaleesh… NONE of these hit the
list? >.<

brotalnia says:

Screw Yoda’s species, Jar Jar Binks Master Race!
/grabs popcorn

matthew rappaport says:

BEST #StarWars ALIENS list.. who tops yours?

Qwertify says:

Happy too see a top 10 but can we do top 10 heroes already? 

Gandalf the White says:

Thank for completely forgetting about some of the most wonderful alien
races provided by the Expanded Universe. #PureBloodSithMasterRace

StarCrusher says:

What about the lizard bounty hunter?

TheMasterFixer43 says:

One word. Just one word. Sith.

Galactic Flyer says:

Well, the Yoda species does have a name, it’s Yoda’s Species

Sleesk The Trandoshan says:

Zabraks? Trandoshans? 

hacksofreallife says:

i have some ideas for some future episodes here have a look:

top 10 jedi
top 10 sith
top 10 vehicles

Verebazs says:

Liked the list but….When are you going to do a top10 TCW lightsaber
duels? Or a top10 Space battles?

BullShitThat says:

Yoda’s species are *Whills*


Come at me non SW fans

WilhelmScreamer says:

#1 was chosen for the express purpose of fucking with us, wasn’t it?

SaiTorrsVideos says:

This list is racist. Misrepresentation of so many superior races.. okay
that sounded a little racist. But the point remains!

Jelle Baas says:

Wher are the mon calas en where are the biths

Elf Friend says:

Firstly you left out so many awesome aliens and secondly HAN SHOT FIRST!!

The Creeper says:

Best Star Wars aliens……

Um… do you define aliens in Star Wars? It’s not known when/where
humans came from but it is known that they aren’t the first intelligent

In other words: Best Star Wars Aliens: everyone.

Once again +Star Wars is showing their complete lack of knowledge about
Star Wars.

Lex Schoones says:

I always wanted tot know the name of Pau’ans

Michael Qing says:

They forgot to mention Zabrak and Togruta species! 

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