Mars Outpost Or Alien Vehicle Caught By Spirit Rover 2013 1080p Available

Interesting object caught by Mars Spirit Rover which seems to show an unusual object, certainly looks out of place on the Martian surface. Looks like an outp…


bertoflopez says:

Uh…seriously? That’s a fuckin’ rock

rp65video says:

It must be the Flintstones vehicle !!!


Yes, an outpost three feet long, manned by smurfs.

Jens H. says:

Its a german tank, sent there by Hitler himself as he saw, he would lose the war….
come on guys, is now every rock and piece of dust an alien?

Darren Turner says:

iTS another face on MARS?

kenro The emego says:

I really do believe that their are aliens living in area 51

raymond griswold says:

awesome did you now monemnt : that thay frond life on mars

Devin Brazzo says:

I like to think its a rock

mouse man says:

Don’t you just love it?? The closer it gets the worse the picture is. Where is all the “high tech” stuff when we start taking pictures of things on other planets?? I have never seen a clear and precise picture of anything that is claimed to be from or on another planet that we didn’t send there in the first place!! Why do people keep doing this crap?

TJ funzies says:

Its photoshop its the scorpion tank with other details from halo4 you morons.

Silmaryllon says:

What if these things are teasers, you look for the seeded anomalies but don’t consider the possibility that perhaps they aren’t on Mars. I have serious doubts about Mars. I don’t believe we have been to the Moon and NASA are probably the best photographers with the best equipment in the world. 

admiralkeelhauled42 says:

A rock

AL bundy says:

I want to see Aliens as much as the next guy… But REALLY? ? ? ? ? ?

astralpx says:

Rock rover?

waubs rocker says:

That’s called a rock.

JIM Gibbons says:

Back in the 70’s we used to build a bonfire, get stoned to the bone and stare into the hot coals for images. This is the same thing, just cost more.

proman505 says:

or it’s just a rock…

Keith Kirkby says:

read my reply

Keith Kirkby says:

read my post

Keith Kirkby says:

read my post

Keith Kirkby says:

Wrong their, i have a lunar image of something in a crater, Got the pic from Lunar planetary institute. Go on the site & type in imag 3073 download it to your puter, then enlarge it your looking in the crater top & centre, NASA have now doctored it, but i still have the undoctored image. You can email m at. keith kirkby & i will send it over to you

scott walker says:

this pic is on the nasa website.

Charlie Kennedy says:

if there was any pictures of anything we wouldnt see them… they are the ones that get them first right …one question for uploader…how did you get this pic?

Oliver9008 says:

That is a rock lol

Paul Reil says:

Think Hitler is hiding in one of his tiger tanks on mars

Thunderheart2186 says:

Thats nice, its cool to pretend to be people huh?

indo rock says:


kenro The emego says:

Im bak, I used time travel and portals. To u guys it might only of been minutes but I actually been gone 6 years 2 months and 1 day. My findings may shock U. but I will tell u any way. First of all this photo is planet earth and second there are aliens and they are right under our feet. They call them selves the tall whites and soon they will make their selves visible to all of man kind. So I am getting ready 4 another trip and when I return u will all ready no the truth. GOOD LUCK

kenro The emego says:

This is alien, all day. Its darn obvious that they dont just use our moon and earth. It’s time to take off the boots, Im gone investigating. When im done u will no me because I will be using every resourse and will take every avenue I can to find the truth. I will be getting a team together and I will use the media to show the government that Im not playing around. TIME TO SPILL THE BEANS!!

xnioxtube says:


TipSilver says:

All your videos sucks ! You’re a problem for the truth.

Jason Swinney says:

I have to say the top of it does not look natural to me….

CaptainKeithM says:

ok, only if the aliens are REALLY REALLY small . . LOL

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