My Parents Are Aliens – S03E02 – When Swaps Go Bad

series 3 episode 2 originally aired: 25th september 2001 Series 3 Playlist:


Keira Hillery says:

I think you might be right

Harvey Bundock says:

How old is mell 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Dylan Hamawandy says:

Did you know that josh is 11

marcie pan says:

I always forgot this show mentioned phrases such as “oh my god” and
“dammit”, on other channels phrases like those would be censored 😮 

Kayleigh Poplar says:


blondemario says:

Yes… sure you knew, Josh(!)

Begum Kaya says:

I love my

Isaac Saalax says:

Lucy not a sad ur sad and jealouse

Mystery Miner says:

So funny i love mpaa

queenbee says:

Red sophie is a much better actress than blonde sophie! ♡♡

Imad Khan says:

Love it

sudeep singh says:

Lucy is a sado

Molly Jaconelli says:

Is Mel realy moany?

Lily Collidge says:

45p love lily

Lily Collidge says:

Poo mel

Lily Collidge says:

Mel Is dum

Lily Collidge says:

Lucy is a sado

legoflyingpig says:

What about dollars, euros…

Livi Super Pants says:

Yes it does

sheida shaker says:

It does not cost that much to train a astronaut

cartoon show says:


Tony Grayal says:

Yep yep yep 3rd comment

legoflyingpig says:

Dont you think that if this show was real then andy would be a rapist when
he grows up?

Jessica Barnard says:

yay again great

murtaza shafique says:

Yep yep yep 16th comment

legoflyingpig says:

A PC worth 1000? A mac, yes but a PC?

legoflyingpig says:


Jabbyy says:

I swapped her for a Sausage.

George Speak says:

Look at 5:22

gwgirl3645 says:

I don’t like Wendy but I’m sure she’s a nice person

legoflyingpig says:

The money that pays for everything on earth

legoflyingpig says:

The person that would win at battle of the pop stars would be Michael
Jackson despite the fact that he was a pedophile and the loser would be
Justin Beiber.

sheida shaker says:

Dear tony grayal,I think everyone saw the last bit

legoflyingpig says:

$860,000,000 sorry

legoflyingpig says:

Trent looks like the guy from the Rolling Stones, whatever he’s called.

cartoon show says:

Geek geek geek says wendy

legoflyingpig says:

If you wright your memoirs now then your english will be really bad and
will be too bad for a NASA application and you will have to do it again and
therefor is a big waste of time

Tony Grayal says:

you can’t see it but at the end when josh says I’m the only one with a
ounce of self control the rest of the family say ooooooh

OldworkbyEmmaCRB says:

yeah but lucy is very intelligent for her age

legoflyingpig says:

It does not cost 85000000 DOLLARS not pounds (NASA is in America) to train
a single astronaut!

legoflyingpig says:

Michael Jackson was called the king of pop for a reason

legoflyingpig says:


Adil Al Rahman says:

Yep yep yep. 1st comment

George Speak says:

5:22 look at Mel’s boobs

Jessika kennedy says:

love the new sophie

legoflyingpig says:

Not rhetorical

Nightnut Moyler says:


Sophie Parr says:

Yep yep yep second comment

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