My Parents Are Aliens – S03E05 – Testing Times

series 3 episode 5 originally aired: 28th september 2001 Series 3 Playlist:


james fouler says:

9:04 why are there nipple clamps? 

cameron herrity says:

Who wishes to see this episode with Blond Sophie?

Anthony Nicholls says:

I hate Wendy

Ashraf Siam says:

I do not know why josh has mrs hardmen and Lucy has mr white side

Ashraf Siam says:

I hate Wendy so much

Dhan Chauhan says:

Nice but amazing and josh is EPIC!!!!

Sophie Steele says:

I hate Wendy

Jack Giblin says:

i hate wendy

Jack Giblin says:

i hate wendy

AnEquestrianWorld says:

Which episode is the one where Sophie and Brian like take over? 

Garry Wallis says:

Loise is a fool

Sophie Rushton says:

Wendy is a lesbian 

Rod Foster says:

The problem with mrs hardman is she’s to strict

Rod Foster says:

Brins wird

legoflyingpig says:

Hey Wendy your not very good at being a nice person

m777jns says:


Heidi Tanton says:

so what if he grts up at 9 what do you mean by it??

Agris Silins says:

HI every one im 15 years old and i still watch this and anyway im a TEEN

Zulaikha Khurram says:

Bla bla bla mrs hardman

cartoon show says:

Testing times why don’t they call it exam muddle

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Lol- “startling! but not in a good way…”

legoflyingpig says:

Josh gets up at 9:00?!?!?!

legoflyingpig says:

There is obviously something wrong with it!

cartoon show says:

Hey Mrs hard man she’s a slack man

George Speak says:


Tony Grayal says:

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Urgh I hate Whiteside

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