My Parents Are Aliens – S04E05 – Operation Date

series 4 episode 5 originally aired: 7th october 2002 Series 4 Playlist:


Mark Watts says:

Josh swallowed Mels underwear fluff…. Like the gazillionth innuendo
slipped in (ahem) to the MPAA script… I don’t think I’m a relative Andy
Watts… Having said that it may explain my own toilet humour…

Charlie Warner says:

isn’t sophie mad that brian likes pete

Rhys Carter says:

“You can’t fight destiny!” HaHa

Elin Lloyd says:

the little girl is kinda boring 

Elizabeth-Rose Sandhu says:

love mpaa

Sally Smith says:

I feel sorry for mel Lucy’s a geek

legoflyingpig says:

Fucking hell Lucy’s fringe is disgusting I think I’m gonna be sick! 

Harvey Bundock says:

Legoflyingpigbyour why u so mean

Sophie Rushton says:

United are rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liverpool are much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lana x says:

Lucy is so annoying!

firelion sc says:

I hate franky and Pete

Sophie Rushton says:

There was nothing in the house at 20:15

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Lol Mel sounds dirty lol

nage72 says:

Are you real aliens

Chaska May says:

love mpaa series 8 terrible idea made the show longer in terms of more
episodes and longer years

Chaska May says:


jamie allan says:

sophie is lucys sister then mels!!! LOL lol LOL

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Mel would be lost without Lucy loool

Areej420 says:

love brian soo much

legoflyingpig says:

So could Brian.

Tony Grayal says:

‘you can’t fight destiny’ LOL best line of the episode.

BaldFred8ter says:

That was bad man lol 🙂

legoflyingpig says:


Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Lol Josh is such a crap friend 😛

Foo Penrose says:

Mel is so cool

legoflyingpig says:

Just ask Brian and Sophie to spawn another room in the house using the
guide book! They did it when they were first fostered

Haroon Hussain says:

Lucy is dumb

legoflyingpig says:

Why is there no furniture around 20:15

Sophie Parr says:

Careful big boy, you’ll chip my nail varnish! Lol 🙂

Emily Heart says:

I would LOVE to see an episode where Prince William and Mr Whiteside go for
a sleepover!

legoflyingpig says:

Sophie could morph into a suitable room mate.

Esther Weisselberg says:


Stephen's YTP's (1 month left :D) says:

it’s all in josh’s room from when brian moved in

Stephen's YTP's (1 month left :D) says:

in the theme tune when the spaceship hits the ground two of the windows
automatically disappear

cartoon show says:


cartoon show says:

The big fight wow woptey doo

BaldFred8ter says:

That was 10 times then cbbc lol 🙂

Sophie Parr says:

Stuff includes you, lolage

legoflyingpig says:

Just think of Mel and Lucy’s room as 2 rooms but sides instead of rooms so
Lucy can do whatever she wants on her side but can’t say anything about
mels side and Mel can’t complain about Lucy’s side. Also Mel should get her
own go on th

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