My Parents Are Aliens – S07E03 – Hotel Sophie

series 7 episode 3 originally aired: 24th october 2005 Series 7 Playlist:…


marcie pan says:

Brian and Sophie are just the most adorable people ever, they’re so curious
about everything and they just want to learn how to be good people, and
even when they do mess up and cause Lucy, CJ, Josh and Harry embarrassment
they’re always such loving parents :’D

Eddie Thomas says:

11:54 “why can you morph too” LOOOL 

lofty2k8m8 says:
elias tallis-ayub says:

I love your show it is amzing I watch it all the time

marcie pan says:

Harry’s so fucking ungrateful though, she’s much worse than Mel ever was.
All she does is whinge whinge whinge. Go back to the Childrens’ Home if you
find them THAT difficult to live with .-

legoflyingpig says:

I am intensely pissed off cos we have had no crisps other than Doritos in
the house for like a week! I can’t live without crisps, they are the best.
But this has really cheered me up

LucyLionLover05 says:


iona rose Simons says:

Josh is so like my big bro

Chelsea Beck says:

This programme is great . Its so funny LOL

Tamzin Dobey says:

I love this epersiode

Mayman Dawood says:

Its next to a red house in a road with trees. LOL

Grace Grime says:


Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Joshmeister- I like :)

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Harry is being a brat

ThatTeenFanboy says:

One of the best episodes i love this channel it would be awesomundo if this
channel subscribed to me

William Critchley says:

Somebody left the freezer door open or something

Aaron Tahiri says:

That woman is horrid getting labour from the man

Louis Gillmore says:

Thanks for doing this really pleased i can watch it on youtube

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Aw, poor Sophie :(

FaZe Kyle says:

Harriet should be dead 

SYED Ahmad says:

That was great it was funny when brien said watch the door from pink fish

danieltreacy27 says:

This is funny

Haroon Hussain says:

Your nuts madam

Lolz Gamer says:

its next to a red house in a road with trees LOL halairious

mshapcott45 says:

I love iy

Jemma Johnston says:

ok hope you get better soon.

Abdul Assane says:

I don’t like that lade she’s stupid

OopsiePoopsie27 says:

Haha a MPAA conversation about someone being sick… Lol

legoflyingpig says:

Oh im sure your not that hot you silly lady! Oh snap!

Reem Malik says:

Looool hving a nap before dinner lool

MediEvilFan 147 says:

it’s next to the red house in a road with tree’s. lol. thanks for the upload

Ashley O'connor says:

Harry is :/

Hamza Ali says:

Moody* 😛

Miki Shapira says:

In that case would u take are case up to are room great joke lol sarcasm

danieltreacy27 says:

I am ill

Chloe1em says:

Them guests are so ANNOYING! She can’t be that hot the stupid woman!

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