My Parents Are Aliens – S07E04 – Halloween Tales

series 7 episode 4 originally aired: 28th october 2005 Series 7 Playlist:…


Katt Toner says:

8:10 is a soundtrack from spyro gateway to glimmer when you fight gulp

Alita King says:

That was funny because Brian had a wedgy and when Frankie Pete and Wendy
came he fainted… 🙂 😀 😉 

Jakey C says:

They just don’t make them like this anymore 

legoflyingpig says:

Well statistically speaking aliens are real because if the scientific
hypothesis is true that the universe is expanding all the time from the
start of time and space then that means for billions of years the universe
has been expanding, that is quite a lot of universe so we physiologically
can’t be the only living organisms in the universe. And if you think about
it we are aliens aren’t we? Aliens would call us aliens so aliens
definitely do exist

ronanparke ronanator says:

the actor who plays josh barker which is alex said thanks to me because I
said he is a good actor in this

Wesley Atkinson says:

At 8:22 black ops zombies would come in handy

Wayne Smith says:

LOL Wendy at the end

legoflyingpig says:

Don’t tell stories about zombies! That’s so typical, make a version of
Halloween or something! They could do a waaay better job than the original.
No they should have done the human centipede aha imagine that! Harry would
be so moody in the poop scene XD

Sarah Foster says:

I’m sorry but who has a clock that big in their bedroom? 

vera Ibrahim says:

So cool

Kathleen Cronin says:

Not scry

firelion sc says:

When he said oh poo he probably ment oh shit

Sivan Hassan says:


firelion sc says:

Aliens are real

Holly Brown says:

josh’s story wasn’t scary, but brian’s story gave me the creeps! (until he
added the part about becoming the king of canada)

Arturs Tesnovs says:

aliens are not real

Jaimee Armstrong says:

it wasnt meant to be

legoflyingpig says:


legoflyingpig says:


gwgirl3645 says:

Lol brain as a were wolf !!

alexiesnalesemporium says:

thx this is helpful

Kar Yee He says:

Lol it turned out to be a story lol

tjmtyler123 says:

thx been looking for this episode for ages. YOU ROCK!!!!!

Abu Zuhayra says:

frankie should know it is Lucy who has a brain

L2T Kings says:

yeah right that was rubbish that wasn’t scary all

sabiha hussain says:

no they are not there fake

ronanparke ronanator says:

brians story is scary 🙂

Jonathan Middleton says:

This is the best

Sophie Parr says:

Bum that’s creepy

NickyFilmProductions says:

Josh is getting more handsome every epp.

Abbie Walker says:

This video so weird xx

IsDatAPiggy 101 says:

thing not fing and stupid not shtuipid

IsDatAPiggy 101 says:


Techno Elliot says:

So help

ronanparke ronanator says:

josh is hot

ronanparke ronanator says:

I love this episode

Jaya Rehal says:

The way when Sophie says at midnight all the stuff happens…. It just
turned midnight here…….

Kar Yee He says:

Was it just me who saw the red lights in the skull light up at the end

pdc lal says:


Mrika Shala says:

Omg! thats freaky!

Esther Weisselberg says:

This is cool

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