My Parents Are Aliens – S07E07 – Million Dollar Harry

series 7 episode 7 originally aired: 7th november 2005 Series 7 Playlist:


cameron herrity says:

He’s a alien, morph into a ant and crawl through the bars

Lesley Brereton says:

His daddy’s dead

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Tbh, I actually DO feel sorry for Fernando- a little boy should never be
asked to regurgitate by a grown woman

ronanparke ronanator says:

CJ is so annoying

Phillip Woodhouse says:

Wo’es Your DADDY Wo’es Your DADDY LOL!!!

rhianon wright says:

Trent is 46 now so in this he’s 38 and he’s playing a teenager in high

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

They chose a cute looking boy to play Fernando- and a posh one too

ronanparke ronanator says:

sophie: see she has lovely teeth
lucy: sophie what are you doing
sophie: im showing this boy that you will make a good wife for him
the boy: she is a nutter I just want to find brian

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Kinda serves you right, Josh!

ronanparke ronanator says:

sophie: your not playing in cupboards again

ronanparke ronanator says:

sophie: so is this what everyone eats awful then she throws it
random boy: OI

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

God, CJ IS annoying!

♥HannahLPStv♥ says:

BrIaN Is So StUpId! ;)

ronanparke ronanator says:

lol hamburger song lol

PrincessPinkie100 says:

U can tell thats a guy for Harry when she’s boxing

Ahmed Hamad says:

I alsow think it’s funny when cj says who’s your dada 

isabel ehlers says:


Zulaikha Khurram says:

Hey josh u scamer

paul emmanuel says:

I Love million dollar Harry

Tony Grayal says:

thanks *

Abu Zuhayra says:

I like it when cj says who’s your daddy

Miki Shapira says:

Series 8 is really not good

MyParentsAreAliensYT says:

yeah, theres hardly any i haven’t got now, so i wont be uploading so often.
im just hoping they play series 8 at some point, cause i havent seen it on
there in ages!

Miki Shapira says:

Don’t bother

legoflyingpig says:

Harry sucks!

Sophy24xx says:

Poor brian!!

FLYTRAP47 says:

18:57 LOL

chaudry1972 says:

Who’s your daddy

legoflyingpig says:

Sophie by the way

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