My Parents Are Aliens – S07E15 – Neighbours From Hell

series 7 episode 15 originally aired: 5th december 2005 Series 7 Playlist:…


Alita King says:

Did Brian really eat the flowers?

Paul Elford says:

Brian / sorry for braking your nenoneno

LucyLionLover05 says:

I am watching in 2015

Annie Mckernan says:

Josh was watching jungle run

Dino Goodley says:

Josh was watching jungle run at 17:11

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Wendy’s a bloody judgemental bitch

Keira Hillery says:

This show was awesome!!! ;-)

Rivija Silajevaite says:

My favourite parts when she says halalooya

GirlGamer Videos says:


nora utrela says:


cartoon show says:

Someone thinks that the solar system is a town

farwa365 says:

Fuck this shit

Brian Perpepaj says:


Sarah Foster says:

Luv their army accents !!

heleendg37 says:

Hahaa, steph plays amazing! 😉

Livy Horselover says:

No! They live in a DIFFERENT solar system on a planet called Valux. They
show a picture of Valux on the galactic guide book in the episode Aliens Go

Agris Silins says:

wendy is nice is well

rosmund100 says:

17:12 they are watching jungle run lol

legoflyingpig says:

Is solar system the city they live in?

Georgey64 says:

Lego flying pig its just a show dont take it seriously you shit

Alessandra Michelucci-Dunn says:


Alessandra Michelucci-Dunn says:

Sophie’s my

legoflyingpig says:


OopsiePoopsie27 says:

09:58 wendy is pretty for once!

legoflyingpig says:

They lived in a DIFFERENT solar system on a planet called valux

Sophie Parr says:

I’ve had it without water before 🙂

Hamza Ali says:

21:27 Brians face! LOL!

AJI V says:

Can you make new ones my parents are aliens

Zulaikha Khurram says:

Is shophie your mum

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