My Parents Are Aliens – S07E17 – Meet And Two Veg

series 7 episode 17 originally aired: 12th december 2005 Series 7 Playlist:…


Soy Sauce Minge Explosion says:

4:20 the chicken starts eating toast lol

Fitzwilliamdarcy1000 says:

Lol Trent’s posh accent is so fake lol

Holly Brown says:

GROW!!!!!! lol

chloe smith says:
legoflyingpig says:

Racist english accent!

Sarah Foster says:

8:43 haha repeat it numerous times!!

legoflyingpig says:

Its trent not terrance!

GEMWowazee says:

Perhaps Trent is a nickname, duuuuuh!

legoflyingpig says:

eir own sons name wrong

legoflyingpig says:

How can your own parents get th

legoflyingpig says:

Trents a vegetarian.

legoflyingpig says:

Trent isn’t gay cos he has gone out with girls before and there is nothing
wrong with gay people!

Jemma Johnston says:

No Trent is not gay. And even if he was there is nothing wrong with gay

legoflyingpig says:

You can’t sell the vegetables to starving people because to buy vegetables
requires money and the starving people wouldn’t be starving if they could
have bought food before! Silly josh

jamie allan says:

upset over a plum

Tony Grayal says:

trents english accent is so fake!

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