My Parents Are Aliens – When Swaps Go Bad (Part 1)

Brian and Sophie become hooked on a trading card game, and will go to any lengths to obtain more cards. They end up stealing and selling the school laptop. They then discover there is a rare…


Shakira Howard says:

I love my perants and aleans I’m abig fan

aatir7madrid says:

thx 4 uploading!! 🙂

Leanashe23 says:

1:45 – funny how all those kids seemed to have the exact same handwriting..

Official Taqi14ClubPenguin™ says:

and pause it at 811

Deitra Pawley says:

is there any way you could get series 8 uploaded on here

Tom Daedalus says:

Yer outta there shaggie! LOL i love that line 😛

Maria xoxo says:

pause at 0:23 hah

Official Taqi14ClubPenguin™ says:

pause at 6.26 its funny!

phantomhurricane666 says:

learning new things? it’s the same stuff every year.

phantomhurricane666 says:

billie piper and relish. very nice!!!!

Maria xoxo says:

1:52 see you tomorrow girls, when the mysteries of the decimal point will
be revieled! ooooo they are so geeky?

orly burton says:

WOW the mystery of the desimal point! id be dead by then

Some Guy says:

Madonna = Charizard lol

sian massey says:

god i remember i always hated wendy

orly burton says:

@Leanashe23 haha very true

Deitra Pawley says:

so is the school primary and secondary together

emms1234x says:

I hate Wendy

MickNova says:

@Leanashe23 Agreed.

phil wilde says:

4:50 looks like sophies grabbing mels hoohaws

Lucy Euington says:

just realised it was uploaded on my birthday, its better now

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