Roommate Alien Prank Goes Bad

Chad hates aliens. A lot. http Chad Villella Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Rob Polonksy


jurdraw says:

that was actually kinda funny.

Abigail Owen says:

when the “alien” came in front of the screen

Micic00 says:

funny but i don’t see what’s so scary about it…I didn’t even blink, honestly

jaramw8 says:

Lol tht was funny

McLuckyLuke2 says:


carlos medina says:

was that real

Talongrasp1 says:

SCROLL DOWN! You’re safe down here…

YourFace10111 says:


MysTic7861 says:

God the second one was just cold

crazybitches15 says:


kylierockz911 says:

XD first thing tht surprised me XD I had the volume on loud my mom was like WTH!?

jose david duran rueda says:

Real o solamente ficción?
Real or only fiction?

SomethingNowhereMan says:

when I watch this video 3 or 4 years ago I just taken a sh*t real bad

G4M3R1797 says:

Man, I used to love this video when I first started using YouTube. 🙂

BackToTehFuturePart2 says:

1:26 the first time it scared me half to death

johnathanneang says:

Omg that was crazy

Afro877 says:


DistampCP says:

Nice ending lol

Dominic Iremonger says:

I wandered were my brother was,but what I wanna know is why is he in another boys room?…

frodo11243 says:

I would hate to be the neighbours

Darren Fagan says:

Where did you get those awesome sunglasses?

Thuthukile Urania Mkhize says:

The FIRST YouTube video that’s EVER really scared me! Well Done Guys!

william Hanley says:

yea really

grandtheftauto219 says:

Lokie Didn’t Thor warn you STAY AWAY FROM EARTH

Roxas Domo says:

I thought it was real

Michelle Staples says:


Tristan71326 says:

It looks fake.

immature2010 says:

yes!!!!!! aahahahahah I hate you

MiaAlexandriaaa says:

lmfaooooo this video gets me every…freaking…time!! Holy shit that scared me xD

gemmabradley100 says:

little warning before you scare the shit outa me thanks!

mrcrackheadinc says:


Leo Sanchez says:

Scary and funny rofl

Hanah Distad says:

He has now, lol.

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