Testimony Of Dying CIA Official 2013, About UFO’s And The Extraterrestrial reality

Video testimony by an anonymous alleged former CIA official was shown at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Fr…


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Adam Goldsack says:


SissysDad says:

There again, he wasn’t technically CIA, he said his boss was. He was an encrypter working with him and traveled with him. He said they took his boss in to interview and never said it was him or that he was in charge of anything and only seen it. Sounds like that is his description of them.

vidya sagar says:

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Kermit Frog says:

Wwhy would someone from The Agency on his deathbed make himself anonymous? Anyone that would do something to him already knows who he is and knows his business; like The Agency threw out his file or something? In this case being Anonymous wouldn’t help unless this is fake.

When E. Howard Hunt made his confessions when he was near death; there was no reason to cover up (due to imminent death), and giving his ID strengthens his confession.

Although the raspy voice is a nice touch.

Mark Ramsey says:

So we dragged ourselves out of caves and built the pyramids? Learned advanced math and rock working pretty quick, since we could build them today with computers and modern equipment.

Tom Britton says:

Right, so all the morons that believe in aliens that visit earth and somehow get seen hundreds of times a week yet not real proof…also believe 9/11 was a inside job and that the moon landing was fake or some shit?

You believe that but you don’t believe that if this was truth, that the government could easily just kill this guy and get away with it to save them from being exposed?

This is clearly shit.

mercanaries3 says:

How much did they pay him?

danielexcell13 says:

Disclosure project, 2001 Steven Greer, Sirius, Steven Bassett “citizen Hearing” Think about the size of the universe People

TENGUsoldierX1 says:

That man did a real good thing n i hope hes alive to this day.

TomRock81 says:

I didn’t look at any of the comments before I watched this. I watched it with an open mind. I’m more skeptical of some of the things I hear come out of a politician’s mouth from behind a podium on CNN.

McStroke23 says:

what are you talking about? he never said the word grays. he only said gray aliens

balzardragon says:

Fracta105………….don’t believe cause he says gray……..from a guy who has a 51 second video of an alien footprint…asswipe

alison martin says:

Good for him

andh00 says:

Interesting interview… If it is true what he said ? I don’t know. I think that at least he believes in what he is saying because of his eye movements. Search Google about this subject “eye movements truth lies”

rené van der putten says:


Fractal05 says:

be weary of the dying old man bit.
the shoe salesman on the bed, that probably wrote this skit, is playing on your sympathy emotion with his concocted “confessions of a dying grandpa” interview.

listen with a critical ear.
not with an “i want to believe” bias.

TomRock81 says:

I think that back in those days that they probably did use the term “grays”. I have no idea why you would discredit a dying man who felt like he had to get this info out that had been weighing on him for years just because he said “grays”. I could think of a hell of a lot better things to do with a couple months left to live than to make up a story like this. I think this man had to clear his conscious before he died, personally I think he’s being truthful. You wouldn’t know having turned it off

Aldo Gavilan says:

Very interesting, but nothing we didn’t know before. His death-bed testimony is valuable as an additional proof of what we have always suspected and now know for sure: the ET’s are here, the US government has been in touch with them for decades, we have lots of alien spaceships and most probably we are space travelling on them right now.
In other words: what a lot of crap they’ve been selling to us all this time !
Fucking liars !!!

orelero Reiska says:

independance days story was better

Fractal05 says:

The purpose of the alien foot print vid is to be viewed as a reference to anyone else that finds something similar and wants validation.
The vid is unedited and meant to be somewhat mundane.
Also, I am not 100% sure it isn’t terrestrial.

Patrick Savard says:

The grays are called the dows by other entities. They are negative (they feed on negative energies) , they were called the Apex when they were humans on the positive aspect.( they looked a bit like the pleiadian back thern ) They have since retrograted because of a energy disaster on their home world in the Orion sector. (a nuclear holocaust of some type ) After this disaster they started falling in the negative aspect.

65drummer1 says:

Body language, if you know the signs, will tell on a person. This gentleman shows “no” signs of uttering falsehoods. He saw something, that is for certain, and what he saw, there are no signs of lying testimony. You will have to judge for yourself.

thegovernmentislying says:

A fraud because he used the term gray, were you in the CIA?

Marlene Goodman says:

The time is coming when the cover-up will end. We are not alone and we have been visited for centuries. There is evidence from ancient petroglyphs to modern-day human experiences – we have been visited and the US government has known about this for decades. Some governments around the world are starting to open up. When will the US?

T TomUSMC says:

There is truth in what he said but I don’t know how much. If anything about the Spider Projects is ever published from him or for him, I”ll believe his entire story. I am getting older myself and no doubt time is growing short. I don’t know if I could ever do what he is doing. Like someone said……. The truth is out there.

guzmansoriano says:

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Baldwynmayhem says:

he may have mate, he’s spilt his beans to Linda Mulden-Howe as far as I know from this clip and the Citizen’s hearing on disclosure the other month. She may very well reveal all he has said and given her in terms of other information. This seems like just an overview of where he has been.

Baldwynmayhem says:

look at the guys “alien footprint” video he posted ffs, he’s a fucking clown

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