Are Aliens Among Us?

The question of whether aliens are among us already is the next step from are UFOs Real? If UFOs are real, and they are, wherever they come from, aliens are surely among us today. How could they resist walking among us if they are similar enough in appearance to pass down a street unnoticed.

As far as we are aware it is mostly NASA and SETI, but also the agencies of other governments are on the lookout for extraterrestrial beings or at least ones from outer space trying to invade earth and many theories exist.

The question I want to ask is not just are aliens among us, but would we know even if we were invaded by aliens? Aliens are clearly not stupid or they would not have made it this far, wherever they came from. If they wanted to attack earth all they would have to do is launch a deadly virus into the water supplies of the world and we would be eradicated without ever suspecting their presence or intentions. If they didn’t have a handy virus, they could simply gas us or poison our water supplies with something they were immune to themselves.

If they wanted to turn their weapons on us, they would risk destroying whatever resource they were after. But, we would very likely be powerless to fight back against their advanced technology. If they were similar to us in race they might even interbreed with us and some say that they already have. So how would we know if they were among us

There is no reason to think that we would necessarily recognise them if they did not want us to. After all many photographers spend a lot of time in the wild without their subject animals ever knowing that they are there. We would surely be one of the main subjects of the alien version of nature photographers and scientists and maybe even their tourist trade.

There has been a lot in the news lately about the invention of an invisibility cloak that actually works. It bends light Are Aliens Among Us?so that it cannot be seen. It is in the early stages still, but what if generations of scientists had worked on one each generation of scientists improving as new technology became available as discoveries were made by other scientists in completely unrelated fields of science and incorporated into the cloak. You can imagine as I can that the cloak would be pretty good by now if those scientists lived in a place where their species had interstellar travel.

So even if they look like the thing from the black lagoon, we might not know that they were nearby.

But the question on most people’s minds is are the American officials in league with alien races visiting or living on our planet and does the President know. Well, the answer right now is that they could be. Let us speculate that there is a branch of the American government “handling” this area of foreign affairs. How would anyone know what they got up to. Reporting is extremely limited and even the President is kept in the dark, since he is only around for a few years and then he retires to write a book about his experiences in the Whitehorse.

I think it is safe to say that they guys in control of alien affairs will be reluctant to tell the president any more than he absolutely needs to know. And maybe nothing if possible. They are probably funded by accounts that are so general in nature that they are easily managed and these sections of government are most likely using the official secrets laws to silence anyone who accidentally discovers them in action. They are very likely working with much help and cooperation from the aliens.

So, Are Aliens Among Us?

I would say yes they are among us. I have not to my knowledge ever seen an alien, but I would strongly suspect that they are all over the place. Why? Because the universe is huge and there are very likely many different species of intelligent life out there. They would all want to come or at least send a representative here to have a look at us. We may be very different of or may be very similar. Either way there is sure to be a novelty factor in coming to a new alien planet, i.e. Earth, and looking at the strange creatures there in much the same way as we do at the ZOO.


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