Are UFOs Real or Fiction

Only someone who has seen a UFO can answer for certain whether they are real or not. So the short answer is, YES, they are real. All that is in dispute these days is what they are. Are they aliens from space or aliens from other dimensions or just natural phenomenon. Well there are very few of us left that still believe that the Earth is flat and the same is true of UFOs. We nearly all accept today that they are not swamp gas or the planet Venus. Though I am willing to accept that some people may from time to time make that mistake, there is a world of difference between a planet that orbits the sun millions of miles away and a controlled craft that that performs all sorts of impossible feats here on Earth.

There are also a lot of hoaxers out there. You only have to search YouTube for UFO and you will see many hundreds of home-made videos of people dressed up as aliens or throwing a pie dish or some such in the air and claiming it is an alien space craft. Some people even seem to be making a career of producing these fake videos and reporting them as real. This is probably for one of two reasons. First they are debunkers working for the government and trying to persuade people that they do not exist by producing obvious fakes and claiming they are real. Or second, they have never seen a UFO and really do not believe in them and think the rest of us are crackpots.

UFO sceptics use a lot of these hoaxes to further the belief that aliens not to mention unidentified flying objects really don’t exist. The bad news on the sceptics is that the creation of fake videos or pictures would not make something cease to exist if it already does. But, it possibly serves to confuse and distract people about the real UFO questions at hand.

Most people believe which we are not alone in our universe. Most scientists will agree that the probability that we are alone is very low. But, they are still unsure of whether these aliens are advanced enough to travel from their part of space to ours and why they would want to do so. I myself believe that they would do it for the same reason that we would. Curiosity, scientific learning, because they can etc. Really there is no shortage of reasons for them to make the journey. Number one could be tourism.

If you doubt an Alien races ability to travel great distances in space, just look how far the human race has come in the last hundred years. Imaging how far we will have progressed in the next hundred. Perhaps not as far as we would like to but we are being held back by war etc. But, don’t get me started on that. The aliens that are visiting us may be many hundreds or thousands or even millions of years older than our species. Think how far they could have advanced.

Even fifty years ago people would have laughed if you told them that in fifty years most people on the planet would have more computing power in their watches than NASA had when sending men to the moon. But, we know that this is true. Except that people not don’t even use watches. They now tell the time and everything else by use of smart phones that are connected world-wide by a network of computers and satellites and glass cables. Now, what would they have said to that fifty years ago.

In a hundred years we will very likely either be in space or in trouble. We are running out of resources and are on the brink of world war three in the middle east. The battle for resources has begun. If we do not continue to advance at previous speeds of faster we will end up fighting with other countries for our very survival, because that is apparently how we do things on Earth. Of course, what we should be doing is working together to find solutions to the world’s problems but our leaders seem to think that we prefer to fight wars for the scarce resources.

If you were an alien, what would you do when you arrive at a planet like ours? Hand them advanced technology? I don’t think so. You would probably study them for a long time and keep well back never making contact if you could help it.

So, Are UFOs Real or Fiction?

Yes they are real.


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