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UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on September 5th 2014 – Observed what I first thought was shooting star enter atmosphere travel north, reverse course, and travel south Was out on the back porch letting a couple of the neighbor kids look at the moon through my telescope. Decided they might enjoy a view of Albiero. However, my GoTo isn’t working and was having trouble lining it up. I looked up from my scope to make sure the scope was pointing in the right area(light pollution is pretty bad in my neighborhood…) and noticed what I thought was a “shooting star”, complete with the “poof” some of the bigger ones make when first entering the atmosphere, appear near Algenib in the constellation of Pegasus(about the same altitude, but maybe 3-5 degrees to the left of the star…). At first, the object appeared to be a dull white in color with a matching tail of ~5-7 degrees in length. The object traveled in a northerly direction for ~20 degrees, where the tail faded away and a pinpoint spherical object of orange/yellow remained. This sphere continued towards the constellation Cassiopeia. I tried to bring the object into focus with my binoculars, but object w

Cylinder Shaped Silver UFO …. Size of Boeing 757 – Australia

I saw a cylinder shaped silver UFO which was about the size of a Boeing 757.

The object seemed to be traveling slowly … somewhat slower than a regular aircraft to avoid detection.

As I reached for a pocket camera the UFO object then proceeded to hide in a nearby small cloud that it would have easily traversed and appeared outside the other side of the cloud in less than 10 seconds if it maintained its current speed and direction … however it remained hidden… this was around April 2012 in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia It was about 11:30am on a rather clear fine day with patches of cloud. I regret not taking a picture of the cloud where the UFO was hiding.

I will know better next time.

A picture tells a thousand words.

Here is a clip from someone who filmed something similar in 2014 in Sydney , Australia…

Another clip

Black Triangle Sighting in Grasonville, Maryland on August 25th 2014 – 3 red-orange orbs slowly moving in triangle formation My girlfriend and I were leaving the neighborhood at approximately 2115 EST, when we both noticed 3 red lights in the sky. She immediately suggested they might be some type of aircraft. I informed her that I am pretty familiar with conventional aircraft, and this was indeed not a conventional craft. We were traveling on Chester river beach rd. We moved closer to the UFO, and noticed they were traveling extremely slowly in perfect triangle formation. They resembled reddish orange orbs of fire, almost like a flickering candle. We pulled almost directly underneath the object(s), rolled the windows down in the vehicle, and did not observe any noise whatsoever coming from the object(s). We observed them moving in a straight line path for maybe 45-60 seconds when all 3 orbs disappeared one at a time within about 3 seconds of each other. They appeared to be relatively close (maybe within a few hundred feet) but it was hard to ascertain exact size or distance from us due to the time of day.

commercial hoaxes

this thread is intended to be a sort of reference
for photos of commercially produced balloons, kites
and maybe even r/c craft that intentially mimic
classic saucer or other shapes that may be thought of
by witnesses as UFOs, which is fair enough if they can’t
identify them for what they really are.
members are encouraged to post images they may
come across, either advertising, as part of reputeable
media, or perhaps see whilst walking in a park and happen
to have a camera handy.

UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on September 4th 2014 – See things going by most clear, bright nights.. Sitting in my back yard …beautiful clear bright night.
Planes coming and going from east to west as the airport is south of the city.
Can see the lights of the small and larger planes flashing.
Far above in the clear night air Two glowing ,not flashing white lights moved across the sky from North to South.
They were moving slowly,one in front of the other .
As they moved south the one in back disappeared as the one in front kept moving south.This not a one time thing.

UFO Sighting in Dalton, Georgia on April 12th 2000 – Round disc like shape with circling lights on the bottom I was on my way to the gym around 5:30 am. I came to the stop sign at south of crow valley rd to make a left on willowdale rd. as I approached the stop sign I noticed lights about 100ft. Hovering above the intersection. When I came to a complete stop I stared at the object trying to figure out what this was. I rolled the window down because I assumed man made but no sound was heard. I sat there for 5 minutes waiting for movement or some kind of sound. I couldn’t figure it out so I slowly drove off. That event in my life I will always remember. I believe with 100% confidence it was a UFO. I don’t advertise my experience but I have no doubts.

Can anyone relate ?

The following have been experienced by me.

Clicking sounds with no source.
Chirping sounds with no source.
Sound of a clock ticking but with no apparent source.
High pitched tones.
Bright white light when waking from sleep.
Street lights going out while walking past them or street lights going out in distance when looking at them.
Urges to go somewhere or sit/lay down.
Surviving terrible accidents that should have proved fatal with only minor injuries.
Strange people with olive skin staring directly at you even while driving past (mostly children)
Lost time/rewinded time.
Implants or puncture marks on left arm and forearm.
White shadowy figures.
Static electricity.
Tiny illuminated metallic ? Objects that interact and move almost like small insects on the floor and in the air aswell.
White ball type ufos directly above motionless as if observing me.