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UFO Sighting in Maryland on August 1st 2013 – Observed a bright yellow light behind two seperate clouds on opposite sides of the sky I came in to work at 6pm and saw a bright yellow light behind some clouds in the sky. I assumed it was the sun until I looked to the left of the sky and saw a seperate bright yellow light behind clouds just as bright. Then I thought the sun can’t be in two places at once. Then I thought was it even the sun at all. The clouds moved very slowly and light seemed to move with them. I observed until I had to go in to work. One light was on the left side of the parking lot and the other light was on the right side of the parking lot. I really want the pictures to be examined by professionals from different fields and I want to be notified by email as to what possible conclusions were drawn. I saw you all on a tv program and I’m thinking you all can examine these photos and give me an answer.

UFO sightings increasing in Queensland say researchers (Photos)

Sounds like Australia is getting more action.


UFO researchers say UFO sightings are increasing in the state of Queensland in Australia. Recent sightings have included photos and video.
UFO Research Queensland President Sheryl Gottschall told the Brisbane Times there has been a spike in reports over the last few months. She says, “We get about 100 calls a year and across Australia all up the UFO research groups get up to 800. That’s just the reported sightings – a lot go unreported.”
Another representative from the Queensland UFO group agrees. In a radio interview with 4BC, Tino Pezzimenti says, “Only about 5% of reports or sightings actually get reported, so you can imagine. We get a couple hundred a year. That’s only probably 5% of people that actually find the

UFO Sighting in Kokomo, Indiana on April 15th 2014 – We were sitting in our living room & all of a sudden the entire room was lit up with a bright brilliant flash of light. My wife & I were just sitting down to watch tv before retiring to bed. We had sit down & turned off all the lights so all that was on was the tv, all of a sudden the entire room was lit up just for a few seconds. We both looked at each other & got up and went to the north side windows. There was nothing out there. My husband grabbed his shotgun & went outside to look around. He found no one & saw nothing to report.
Very strange, never had anything like that to happen before.

UFO Sighting in California on September 3rd 2014 – videoing the moon then this bright missile like thing goes zooming up passing the moon. Just happen to start videoing again this past month noticed things going by at night shooting stars, drone’s flying above the airliners from time to time.
Anyway around 9pm in my back yard videoing the moon. this bright light coming from the south/east at about 75 deg. just under the moon catches me off guard as it goes very fast up just under the moon I tryed to follow it up past the moon but it was to fast. it was cool to watch it replay on my HD video cam…

What a way to wake-up at 4am

This event happened 2 years ago February. I awoke suddenly and about a foot in front of my face was an object. This object in front of me was a lens. Small, with segmented green lights around the perimeter. Curious, I reached up for it and my hand passed through it. Now I sat up and really started to look at what this was. As I did so, it rotated to my left. When it did, I now could see more of it. What I saw behind the lens was field of dull white color surrounded by field of brown. No discernible shape to it though. I suspect an energy field it was producing while hovering. In the white area, what resembled an intake valve of a car engine was rotating. Not as a solid object but more like filaments making up the shape. It hovered there for about a minute or two then it emitted a sphere of yellow light then shot out the window. My window was closed!!!
I saw this sphere of light on three more occasions though. Twice, early morning after 5:30am. The last time in broad dayl

Possible UFO Propulsion

Ever wonder how a UFO could work? I have a theory concerning UFO propulsion which might prove that UFOs may not be alien in origin. In my theory I will explain my hypothesis on UFO propulsion and protection. I understand that this subject isn’t the easiest subject to understand so I’ll try to make my explanation as simple as possible.

Here I go…

Before getting into the hard part (propulsion) I will first Address some of the hazards of space travel which my UFO design will be able to protect against.

THE FIRST hazard of space travel is radiation in outer-space. The sun and stars produce high amounts of "charged particles" and fling these particles out into space via solar wind and solar storms. These charged particles are called "alpha particles" and "beta particles" and they are the most common forms of radioactivity in the universe. These particles are deadly to humans and you’ll need to block the

UFO Sighting in Glocester, Rhode Island on September 2nd 2014 – orange sphere I was sitting in my car in the grocery store parking lot
talking on my phone around 8:15 on September 2, 2014
when I observe a large glowing orange sphere type object
coming over the trees.
I was yelling what the hell is that into the phone?
I had a fear that something would crash to the ground and
I was afraid I may be in danger- it veered slightly to the left
and higher in the sky on a diagnal course.
I then got out of my car and watched it glow by
it seemed to be glowing/pulsating- it traveled like a small
plane gliding almost- and I watched it till it was out of sight.
No idea what is it was- never saw anything like that
almost doesnt even seem possible I saw it.

UFO Sighting in Alex, Oklahoma on September 2nd 2014 – saw diamond shape lights hovering over tree tops over a mile away for twenty minutes.. object drifted east then left to the west. I was at home and I went outside to roll the windows up on vehicle. On my way back to the house I noticed white, red and green lights in a diamond shaped pattern to the west just above the tree line at about 11:06 pm. It hovered for about 20 mins then drifted east then took off to the west. I took photos and video of the lights with my phone but the dust to dawn light kept the phone camera from picking up the lights. I felt somewhat excited to see something that strange in my neck of the woods I thought it looked like a fat blimp with lights on 4 sides because it made no noise and it hovered with out moving. A plane passed over the light at a greater altitude and the lights didn’t move as the plane passed. I never felt frightened or threatened at anytime while observing the lights.