Can anyone relate ?

The following have been experienced by me.

Clicking sounds with no source.
Chirping sounds with no source.
Sound of a clock ticking but with no apparent source.
High pitched tones.
Bright white light when waking from sleep.
Street lights going out while walking past them or street lights going out in distance when looking at them.
Urges to go somewhere or sit/lay down.
Surviving terrible accidents that should have proved fatal with only minor injuries.
Strange people with olive skin staring directly at you even while driving past (mostly children)
Lost time/rewinded time.
Implants or puncture marks on left arm and forearm.
White shadowy figures.
Static electricity.
Tiny illuminated metallic ? Objects that interact and move almost like small insects on the floor and in the air aswell.
White ball type ufos directly above motionless as if observing me.


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