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commercial hoaxes

this thread is intended to be a sort of reference
for photos of commercially produced balloons, kites
and maybe even r/c craft that intentially mimic
classic saucer or other shapes that may be thought of
by witnesses as UFOs, which is fair enough if they can’t
identify them for what they really are.
members are encouraged to post images they may
come across, either advertising, as part of reputeable
media, or perhaps see whilst walking in a park and happen
to have a camera handy.

UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on September 4th 2014 – See things going by most clear, bright nights.. Sitting in my back yard …beautiful clear bright night.
Planes coming and going from east to west as the airport is south of the city.
Can see the lights of the small and larger planes flashing.
Far above in the clear night air Two glowing ,not flashing white lights moved across the sky from North to South.
They were moving slowly,one in front of the other .
As they moved south the one in back disappeared as the one in front kept moving south.This not a one time thing.

UFO Sighting in Dalton, Georgia on April 12th 2000 – Round disc like shape with circling lights on the bottom I was on my way to the gym around 5:30 am. I came to the stop sign at south of crow valley rd to make a left on willowdale rd. as I approached the stop sign I noticed lights about 100ft. Hovering above the intersection. When I came to a complete stop I stared at the object trying to figure out what this was. I rolled the window down because I assumed man made but no sound was heard. I sat there for 5 minutes waiting for movement or some kind of sound. I couldn’t figure it out so I slowly drove off. That event in my life I will always remember. I believe with 100% confidence it was a UFO. I don’t advertise my experience but I have no doubts.

Can anyone relate ?

The following have been experienced by me.

Clicking sounds with no source.
Chirping sounds with no source.
Sound of a clock ticking but with no apparent source.
High pitched tones.
Bright white light when waking from sleep.
Street lights going out while walking past them or street lights going out in distance when looking at them.
Urges to go somewhere or sit/lay down.
Surviving terrible accidents that should have proved fatal with only minor injuries.
Strange people with olive skin staring directly at you even while driving past (mostly children)
Lost time/rewinded time.
Implants or puncture marks on left arm and forearm.
White shadowy figures.
Static electricity.
Tiny illuminated metallic ? Objects that interact and move almost like small insects on the floor and in the air aswell.
White ball type ufos directly above motionless as if observing me.


UFO Sighting in Maryland on August 1st 2013 – Observed a bright yellow light behind two seperate clouds on opposite sides of the sky I came in to work at 6pm and saw a bright yellow light behind some clouds in the sky. I assumed it was the sun until I looked to the left of the sky and saw a seperate bright yellow light behind clouds just as bright. Then I thought the sun can’t be in two places at once. Then I thought was it even the sun at all. The clouds moved very slowly and light seemed to move with them. I observed until I had to go in to work. One light was on the left side of the parking lot and the other light was on the right side of the parking lot. I really want the pictures to be examined by professionals from different fields and I want to be notified by email as to what possible conclusions were drawn. I saw you all on a tv program and I’m thinking you all can examine these photos and give me an answer.

UFO sightings increasing in Queensland say researchers (Photos)

Sounds like Australia is getting more action.


UFO researchers say UFO sightings are increasing in the state of Queensland in Australia. Recent sightings have included photos and video.
UFO Research Queensland President Sheryl Gottschall told the Brisbane Times there has been a spike in reports over the last few months. She says, “We get about 100 calls a year and across Australia all up the UFO research groups get up to 800. That’s just the reported sightings – a lot go unreported.”
Another representative from the Queensland UFO group agrees. In a radio interview with 4BC, Tino Pezzimenti says, “Only about 5% of reports or sightings actually get reported, so you can imagine. We get a couple hundred a year. That’s only probably 5% of people that actually find the

UFO Sighting in Kokomo, Indiana on April 15th 2014 – We were sitting in our living room & all of a sudden the entire room was lit up with a bright brilliant flash of light. My wife & I were just sitting down to watch tv before retiring to bed. We had sit down & turned off all the lights so all that was on was the tv, all of a sudden the entire room was lit up just for a few seconds. We both looked at each other & got up and went to the north side windows. There was nothing out there. My husband grabbed his shotgun & went outside to look around. He found no one & saw nothing to report.
Very strange, never had anything like that to happen before.

UFO Sighting in California on September 3rd 2014 – videoing the moon then this bright missile like thing goes zooming up passing the moon. Just happen to start videoing again this past month noticed things going by at night shooting stars, drone’s flying above the airliners from time to time.
Anyway around 9pm in my back yard videoing the moon. this bright light coming from the south/east at about 75 deg. just under the moon catches me off guard as it goes very fast up just under the moon I tryed to follow it up past the moon but it was to fast. it was cool to watch it replay on my HD video cam…