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UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on September 5th 2014 – Observed what I first thought was shooting star enter atmosphere travel north, reverse course, and travel south Was out on the back porch letting a couple of the neighbor kids look at the moon through my telescope. Decided they might enjoy a view of Albiero. However, my GoTo isn’t working and was having trouble lining it up. I looked up from my scope to make sure the scope was pointing in the right area(light pollution is pretty bad in my neighborhood…) and noticed what I thought was a “shooting star”, complete with the “poof” some of the bigger ones make when first entering the atmosphere, appear near Algenib in the constellation of Pegasus(about the same altitude, but maybe 3-5 degrees to the left of the star…). At first, the object appeared to be a dull white in color with a matching tail of ~5-7 degrees in length. The object traveled in a northerly direction for ~20 degrees, where the tail faded away and a pinpoint spherical object of orange/yellow remained. This sphere continued towards the constellation Cassiopeia. I tried to bring the object into focus with my binoculars, but object w

Alien Cloud UFO

It strikes me as quite strange that this UFO and others seem to not realize that a single small cloud traveling around at speed in the bright blue sky by itself will attract attention from humans. We are inclined to notice this kind of thing. Maybe it was alien kids out for a joyride in

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Half of Farmington, New Mexico Eye witnessed UFO Sighting of Fleet of UFOs.

Half of Farmington, New Mexico Eye witnessed UFO Sighting of Fleet of UFOs. Article by Scott C. Waring HUGE ‘SAUCER’ ARMADA JOLTS FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO, USA Crafts Seen By Hundreds – Speed Estimated at 1000 MPH, Altitude 20,000 feet For the third consecutive day flying saucers have been reported over Farmington. And on each of

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UFO Sightings

UFO Sightings For Immediate Release UFO Sightings Main Discussion Topic on Alien Hub UFO sightings are a much discussed topic online, but especially at the UFO enthusiast website known as Alien Hub.  Alien Hub is an online forum dedicated to those who are eager to share information surrounding UFO sightings,

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