Do Aliens Think We Are Mad?

Aliens, Do They Think We Are Mad? Imagine for a minute you were an alien sent to “check out” planet earth, and the inhabitants. As you approach Earth, you see a beautiful blue and white planet (a cloudy day), and you are immediately intrigued. As you fly closer, you begin to carry out your investigative procedures.

You monitor the atmosphere, check out the water and the soil content, check out the animal life from say, Africa, and finally beam up a few people for a quick “check-up” to see how the locals tick. Invariably, the aliens take a global view of what is going on! As soon as the Aliens see all the wars going on, they wrap up the experimental work quickly, and scram!

Do Aliens Think We Are MadWell, would you stick around? I mean, if I were the alien, you would have to think that it was some kind of joke, and start laughing really. As an alien looking on at Earthlings, interacting with each other, they would think it would have to be some sort of sick in-house joke. Aliens would think, I mean to say, these people on planet earth really live each day, like this.

They would observe that some people get far too much food to eat each day while most others get to eat very little food each day, and eventually, they are left by the others to simply die. The Aliens think that’s crazy! But wait, there’s more!


The Aliens listen in and see politicians on TV and UN representatives saying the same old, same old things like we are sending aid to the hungry. Again, the aliens laugh. These leaders are the same ones with all the food. They throw away as rubbish sufficient food to feed the starving ones. Food simply rots. The Aliens look at each other and say, “That’s nuts”, and burst out laughing again. But wait, there’s more!

The aliens now observe that the inhabitants of planet Earth shoot and kill each other on massive scales that are called wars. They observe many wars happening across the planet at the same time. Now that is just nuts too!

One Alien says to the other, let’s get away from here, these people on planet earth are still far too primitive as they murder and abuse each other, especially the vulnerable like the women and children. The other Alien says, “No, I want to just check out how mad this lot really are, so we can tell others to stay away from them”. The Aliens mark planet earth down as “not friendly, stay away at all costs”.

Final word could be just the one word to describe the people of planet earth, simply as known as “Mad”. Not a very good report card, is it? What can one person do? A shift in consciousness is the only place to begin. One can be more aware of who we are, and that we are all interconnected.

Invariably, Einstein was correct. Energy and matter are two forms of the same thing. Meaning that energy can be turned into matter and matter can be turned back into energy. Focus your energy on what you prefer to experience, and concentrate on that and you can live a more rich life.

The Author, Anthony Podosky coaches on-line and is an accomplished researcher and author. Anthony lives in Brisbane, Australia. A former Sports Lawyer, he has researched and read hundreds of books about why people get what they get and why our goals are often so elusive. Anthony’s highest thought on how to do that was to give people a clear understanding of the world’s best success principles. He wrote Rich Life Poor Life You Choose.

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