Interviews with Giants: Edition 1

Interviews with Giants: Edition 1

Article by Moore Pasquarelli

At last..Bringing you Volume 1 of the world’s top interviews in one report!

Over 160+ pages of interviews with some of the world’s leading authorities on global conspiracies and the end times.

A collation of those hard to find interviews all within one report covering some of the most controversial subject matters.

The Interview with Giants Series will cover interviews from key experts tackling every single aspect of the global government agenda including the UFO phenomena, the identity of the antichrist, obama’s new world order, chemtrails, man made diseases, the 2012 debate, secret societies, the mark of the beast technology, the european union, the north american union, project enoch and bluebeam, the jesuits, stargates, armageddon, sustainable development, masonic undertones in popular music and so much more.

Immediate access to the report and the additional Special Bonuses. Within minutes you will have the report for examination.

Read The Experiences of People Who Talk From First Hand Experience. For instance.. One of the interviewees was present at a secret meeting in London in which high ranking officials discussed plans to invoke a war with Iran and China as a means to initiate a collapse of the stock market. Learn immense insights into how the Illuminati operate as an ex Illumunati member reveals every single thing that can be exposed about this organization. No longer fearing for her life because of her belief in God she addresses key questions about her role and the inside operation of this secretive organization. One of the interviewees worked for years on a military project which involved the creation and operation of a number of “Stargates”. Read his testimony regarding the reason that billions of dollars are being pumped into such secretive projects and why opening up Stargates puts human beings at risk to another dimension. Are you aware of a presentation that was made to the European Union Parliament about the dangers of the Bilderbergers. Read this in full and understand the dangers that were highlighted. Some Christians believe that the reference to “seed of the serpent” in Genesis 3:15 must be interpreted within a literal context. One secular researcher has taken this understanding to a whole new level. An interview with one of the worlds most respected researchers on the UFO phenomena and its link to the ancient Sumerian dynasty and an ancient race of “giants” that existed thousands of years ago.

Over 160 Pages of information that will challenge your understanding of the end times.
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