Not really convinced but… Not sure need info plz…

Ok let me start of by saying I believe you have to be a very narrow minded and ignorant person to think we are the only intelligent life in the entire universe…Now that being said I was not convinced that we were visited on a regular basis but my wife and I were outside with our two dogs last nite going for a walk around the salem virginia area and our dogs are very well trained so they were off leash which is normal for them when out of no where they start barking and getting very agitated barking at seemingly nothing when the lighting begun the after a couple flashes of lighting my wife seen a shadow figure maybe 100 yards away at this point the dogs went very quite then took of running in the opposite direction and would not respond to any of either my wife or my selves commands and my wife stopped me from chasing them by saying she was afraid of the shadow which was not moving all all so I told her it was nothing and wanted to prove it to her so I started walking towards the
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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 17th 2014 – Bright Blinking Lights Hovering and Drifting Slowly North Over Tallest Mountain in the North End of the Las Vegas Valley I have become even more interested in the UFO phenomena following my UFO sighting and video capture on April 16, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I reported my previous UFO sighting to Mufon along with the video, my testimony and the message another witness gave me along with a map and a photo another witness took. That case (55525 or 55529 ��� got two numbers from Mufon) was proven to be an unknown or a UAV after it was investigated by Mufon.

I have been spending extra time each night monitoring the skies over the Las Vegas Valley since that incident. My home is in Summerlin and my backyard has a wide open view of the Las Vegas Valley and much of North Las Vegas as well. At around 10:47 pm on 7/17/2014 I began filming some flashing lights that were blinking brightly over the mountains in the north part of the valley. I had no idea what they were but I had seen them several times before but had never been able to shoot video of them. I also thought they were airplanes the first tim
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UFO Sighting in Geneva, Ohio on July 12th 2014 – 4 orange spheres observed at night over Geneva, Ohio On Saturday July 12 2014 myself and two friends were camping at Geneva State Park Campground. While sitting around enjoying our campfire, I noticed an orange light moving in from the east above the treeline. The object made no noise, and the only reason I noticed it was chance. I was first struck by the silence of it – completely abnormal for any flying object I know of. It’s straight and steady course was also curious. The object was in view for about 30-45 seconds at the end of which it’s flight became erratic before it disappeared behind the horizon or treeline to the west. Myself and my friends thought it was extremely strange but dismissed it as a one-off strange light.

However, approximately 20-30 minutes later, another object appeared following the same exact path east to west. It did not exhibit the same erratic behavior at the end of it’s flight as the first object. By myself and my one friend, who is former US military, both walked out from our campsite to the campsite ri
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Did Jonathan Swift have access to 'secret knowledge'?

Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745) was a satirist and he wrote Gulliver’s Travels.

Part 3 of this book, called ‘Voyage to Laputa . . . ‘ references a ‘floating island’ and also apparently describes two moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos) which weren’t discovered officially until 150 years later. There are a number of other references to certain scientific information which apparently weren’t know at the time he wrote the book.

I thought it would be interesting for anyone wanting to research this a little more, as Ellen Lloyd has done. She believes that "Jonathan Swift possessed knowledge he should not have had in the 18th century… "Someone" must have given him the information and he wrote it down".

The link to the article I read is here . . . . . . . Jonathan Swift’s Secret Knowledge And Extraordinary Interaction With UFOs – and the link to the Wikipedia entry for Voyage to Laputa is
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UFO Sighting in Amersfoort, Utrecht on May 27th 2012 – Transparent rectangular ufo right overhead I was gardening in a crouched position in my back yard, it was still very much light outside. For some unknown reason I looked up to the sky, seeing to my amazement a rectangular transparent object, pretty flat, coming up from behind the neighbours’ treetop, flying or rather floating a straight path to the NE, right over my head. A rectangular object, as if made of plexiglass or something similar, with a circle of bright white light in the middle and some greyish/metallic construction/beams could be seen along the sides on the inside. It didnt seem to be manned or made to be. It seemed really close which made me think at first it wasnt that big and flying low, like a helicopter. Later I began to doubt this as I found other reports from the Netherlands which sounded like the same thing, but those people said it must have been a bigger object, as big as or bigger than a plane. My main reason for iniatially assuming it couldnt be bigger than a helicopter was disbelief actually, “how could
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UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on July 19th 2014 – A white blip occurred, then turned red. First and foremost I had witnessed an object like this on November of last year, 2013. In November of last year the object was pulsating red light and appeared to manipulate its own light as if it were something tangible like clay. It slithered in the sky as if it were a snake, then formed into a ball of red light that shone brighter and brighter as to give a warning. It seemed that it somehow there was a connection as if telepathy, I think it read my thoughts. After the object shined the red light in a spherical shape, it suddenly turned off and decided to travel in a diagonal line path away from me; it turned from a ball of red light into a diamond shaped crystal that seemed to want to camouflage itself with the night. This had happened on November of last year, fast forward July 19 of 2014 and there was a second sighting about 10 pm after I had finished watching a movie, there was an instinct that told me to look out my balcony from my 10 story apartment. As soon as I had looked int
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Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on UFOs

Initially he explains what ‘Argument of ignorance’ means. He himself then goes on to display an arrogant argument of ignorance.

-People see strange lights in the sky, and INSTANTLY claim that they are aliens.
This is not true. There are many UFO reports of advanced aircraft where the witness did not make an assumption of ownership.
Most people seem to be convinced based on other factors (such as reports from credible/reputable people, friends, family – military/govt reaction – characteristics of UFOs etc), rather than simply seeing something they couldn’t explain.

-This is because of a psychological problem. An example of this is Chinese whispers.
The effect of Chinese Whispers is not relevant to someone seeing a UFO.
In CWs.., the OP only speaks once.., while the message is transferred from person to person.
With a UFO sighting, the report is
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UFO Sighting in Des Moines, Iowa on July 18th 2014 – Bright orange objects moving North, steady speed. Bright orange, glowing objects moving North, steady speed. A group of three that appeared similar to loose military formation. 30 mintues later, 4-6 more object travelling same direction. They appeared to be ascending, but that is difficult to tell not knowing the size, distance, etc.

My wife and I were downtown Des Moines and we both saw them.

The speed would be consistent to that of jet aircraft departing the airport. There were no familiar indication to that of aircraft. No strobes, position lights, etc. just and intensely bright orange glow.

Watching the second set, I thought maybe it was military aircraft departing the airport, the bright orange explained by afterburner, so I stopped the car, and rolled down window and stuck my head out to listen. No sound of aircraft whatsoever.

The objects eventually disappeared into the distance.
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UFO Sighting in Hampstead, Maryland on July 16th 2014 – Bright white light in daytime sky that hovered, then traveled, blinked and emitted haze and 5-6 smaller white objects before fading out Me and my wife were standing in our backyard when I noticed a bright white object in the sky towards the North. It was during the afternoon while it was still light outside, which got my attention because there were no stars in the sky because it was bright out. However this object was a very bright white sphere. It seemed to hover towards the North and traveled slowly towards the west and then seemed to travel Southwest. Although it moved slowly it moved much faster than any star would’ve during the earth’s rotation. Additionally, it maintained its altitude and shape for a duration of approximately an hour and a half to two hours. I watched it with a pair of binoculars and my wife had her compact digital camera. We took pictures during it travel and in the images it also appears to be a bright white sphere. Towards the end of observing the object the sky had begun to dim, no stars were out yet, and the object was even brighter. I thought the object disappeared but my wife pointed it o
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UFO Sighting in Miramar, Florida on July 19th 2014 – drifting fire ball I was driving home. The moon seemed huge as it was low on the horizon, so, I was enjoying it while driving. I am driving east at this point and As I am getting closer to my sub development (about a quarter mile) I notice what appeared to be a plane at first move across my view of the moon in a north, northwest direction. As I get close to the gate of my sub development it was clear that this was no plane. It was now well below where clouds would typically form. It literally looked like fire drifting in the air with a red-orange glow around the fire. I heard no noise. I’m now pulled up to the gate of my sub development (facing south) waiting for the gates to open and now the object seem to be drifting towards my direction. I’m feeling a little worried because I almost felt as though it noticed me and was headed in my direction. I am very aware of this phenomenon so my curiosity kept me in control of my fear. I quickly pull into my driveway, get out to see where it is and I could no long
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