UFO Sighting in Cactus, Nevada on December 2nd 2013 – Smoke or cloud bout 200/300 feet long bout 150 feet in the air this thing had a cockpit with figures inside it the front part of this there was a spinning gyro green an reddish you I can also see thru the sky inside what look like a hole I seen a planet.

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ufostalker/~3/TMSkMyxfK-o/59070 As I walked my nieghborhood with my baby girls on dec2nd 2013 I came upon a strange looking cloud or smoke over some houses just down street from me as I walked past looking up at it I notice a whistling sound I saw a cloud spinning so I began to walk fast because this thing looked spooky I hurried my babyz to house because this thing was really close to the ground once I got to my parking lot I turned back an notice that it was still there so I walked around the block again once I got to area I had my camera ready as I got closer I started snapping pix an my goodness this thing started moving an the figures in it started to move around I notice that they looked right at me take pix then began to take off my pix show exactly how this thing swiftly move away you can clearly see a skull shape ship the smoke/clouds left a trail after looking a lil closer at pix I discovered some vary interesting things like eyes from a cat/lion appearing out of smoke a profile face an symble ontop of some
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UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on August 17th 2014 – Flashing light with erratic movement toward down town phoenix

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ufostalker/~3/ouCbOz04kWA/59063 Girlfriend and I were watching TV when our room mate called us outside. He said he sees a ufo.we ran out, I was thinking it was probably a plane but then I saw it. It was high up on the clouds in the same vicinity for about 6 minutes just dashing around and flashing. After another couple of minutes a couple of helicopters were in the area. At one point it descended and ascended to its original position. It would move behind and in front of the clouds. Eventually it was out of view so we ran to the front of the complex to see if we could see it. We did, this time there were 6 helicopters bellow it’s area. I was shocked when I saw it lower right next to the helicopters! It was then I could tell it was less than a mile away because there was a downtown building behind it. The entire time lightning seemed to be the strongest around the craft… we took video and it will be posted on the Internet soon. We’re trying to increase the clarity since it was so dark and we took it with our smart
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Forgotten Promise


Have you watched this video? Several things bother me about this video……

like…. does the one ness include all life forms on earth?….and why was the starving child in Africa born with aids, etc…? did the aids born infant do something to deserve this fate in a previous life? really?

It feels like brain washing to me. I think she may be believing what she is saying…though….

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UFO Sighting in Florida on August 16th 2014 – Occured while watching the iss live feed. I took several screenshots as well.

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ufostalker/~3/s7ijl1zaD-I/59051 I was watching the iss live feed and the sun started to rise. There were obviously reflections from the sun as shown in the images, but this one stayed visable after the sun had risen. It seemed to be in low earth orbit just above the cloud line. It obviously was not anything on earth even a cloud because it stayed in the same position as the clouds around it moved. Eventually after a few minutes it disappeared under the clouds and the live feed went to blue screen. My conclusion is that it was either space debris, a satellite, or a ufo.
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Disappearance of Frederick Valentich: case closed?


Hello folks.

More than thirty years ago, a young Australian pilot went missing after having encountered a weird object flying around him.

Recently, two debunkers of the CSICOP claim to have solved the mystery once and for all.

After having analyzed in depth their reasoning, I concluded they fall extremely short of that goal:
Shards of Magonia: Valentich’s disappearance: case closed?

Since I’m far from being perfect, I’d be delighted to learn your critical thoughts on this smiley :-)

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UFO Sighting in Evansville, Wisconsin on August 17th 2014 – Watched a very bright whitish light coming from the NW to overhead heading E, SE. No noise.

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ufostalker/~3/BtDx-kwE190/59038 After caring for my horses I always stand under the sky for some time and look at the night sky. I noticed a very bright star like light lower in altitude than a jet, moving slightly slower than the jets that fly over. It was coming towards me out of the NW heading E SE. It glided directly overhead absolutely silently and continued on until I lost sight of it due to trees. As it had just passed over me I heard a jet coming from the W SW, it passed slightly behind the light so their paths actually crossed. LPPThe jet had to have seen this bright light which remained just a single white star like light. There were no blinking lights from any angle as there were and are on the jets, planes and helicopters that pass over here. The only noise I heard was from the jet which appeared to be at a higher altitude. This is the fourth time in the last three years that I have seen things I could not identify at our home in the night sky between the hours of 9 and 10 P.M. One last summer w
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Moving Right Along


You think your life is fast-paced, but have you ever seen a bacterium swim across your countertop? You’d be surprised how fast they can move.

Find out why modeling the swirl of hurricanes takes a roomful of mathematicians and supercomputers, and how galaxies can move away from us faster than the speed of light.

Also, what happens when we try to stop the dance of atoms, cooling things down to the rock bottom temperature known as absolute zero.

And why your watch doesn’t keep the same time when you’re in a jet as when you’re at the airport. It’s all due to the fact that motion is relative, says Al Einstein.


  • William Phillips – Nobel Prize-winning physicist at Joint Quantum Institute, a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Maryland.
  • Bob Berman – Astronomy writer and author of Zoom: How Everything Mov
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UFO Sighting in Anacortes, Washington on June 21st 2012 – V shaped object over moon

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ufostalker/~3/yXqcVrbvb5Y/59028 Ok, so I was at my house in Anacortes, WA and I was on the front deck with some binoculars as I wanted to look at the moon because it was full and bright. Looking through the binoculars I was checking out all the cool craters on it, than all of a sudden I see what appears to be an “Upside Down Black V object” travel across the moon in a horizontal direction from the bottom right side of the moon to the top left side of the moon. It took the object about 15-25 seconds to cross the moon. It was “massive” the end of the upside down v was very long, compared to the size of the moon in my binoculars it looked like an estimated 1/10 the size of the moon roughly. It appeared to be extremely close to the moons surface as well. Never seen anything like it in my life and never saw it again just that one time. The shape was solid, there was no wings, flaps, etc. and I saw it very well with my binoculars. An object that looked like the letter V but upside down and very large, near the end points o
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