Two craft with pulsing red light underneath.

I saw some sort of craft that I assumed was some sort of plane but I couldn’t see any strobe lights or the red and green lights on the wingtips. It did have several smaller white lights and a fairly bright pulsating red light underneath. It wasn’t moving at an unusual speed and didn’t appear to be as high as many passing aircraft. I’m guessing possibly 5-7000 feet. About 5 minutes later another one goes over heading the same direction. Couldn’t hear any noise but I had a window air conditioner making quite a racket nearby. I don’t know how much variation in night lighting is allowed by FAA regulations so perhaps they were just something common with different lighting.

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The Vril Women of WWII


It started in England, back in 1589. A bright, young man of 19 years, William Lee, was in love with a girl who was preoccupied with knitting socks. Socks were an important item of clothing in the 16th Century and knitting them by hand was a slow but necessary process.

Read the rest here: UFO mania: The Vril Women of WWII

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UFO Sighting in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh on August 30th 2014 – i have seen ufo 2 times, on 30 and as well as on 31 august 2014 after 11 pm on west direction, it was like glowing orb like object. which was changing direction, changing altitude, changing color, making no sound, and was hovering at many places. {1}i was on my rooftop at night, preparing to sleep, and gazing at stars.
{2}the object was glowing very differently, changing colour. changing direction, changing altitude.
{3}it was on the west direction from my location.
{4}the object was like a glowing orb, which was yellow/gold/orange and silver/white color, it was changing it’s color, it was dimming and glowing, it look big, because it was releasing a lot of light, it appeared in west direction, hover at many place while travelling from west to south west direction. change it color, altitude, hover, increase it’s intensity of sounds.
{5}i was amazed, i was totally a different experience, i even called my friend at between 11 pm to 11:30 pm and told him about this, firstly he also was amazed that i was seeing it from my rooftop, he also replied he don;t have any answer for this.
{6}in 30 august 2014 it just vanished, when i was looking to it. but in 31 august 2014 i saw it moving from west direction to south west dir
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Welcome to Our Labor-atory

ENCORE Hi ho, hi ho … it’s out with work we go! As you relax this holiday weekend, step into our labor-atory and imagine a world with no work allowed. Soft robots help us with tasks at home and at the office, while driverless cars allow us to catch ZZZZs in the front seat.

Plus, the Internet of Everything interconnects all your devices, from your toaster to your roaster to … you. So there’s no need to ever get off the couch. But is a machine-ruled world a true utopia?

And, the invention that got us into our 24/7 rat race: Edison’s electric light.


  • Barry Trimmer – Professor of biology, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering at Tufts University, and editor-in-chief, Soft Robotics
  • Red Whittaker – Roboticist at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ernest Freeberg – Historian, Uni
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The 'Interdimensional' Being Facade

I believe many falsities have been engineered originally by negative physical extraterrestrials, and inherited by the US government. One of those falsities I am leaning towards believing, is interdimensional beings. Firstly, we are all interdimensional beings. Our minds are interdimensional, our souls are interdimensional, our chakras are interdimensional. But by saying interdimensional beings I mean beings without a body… I do not believe this concept has been given enough scrutiny on Avalon… I imagine this topic will be one many people do not like, but we must be intellectually honest with ourselves…..

Lets go over what would have to be possible, for this to be a reality shall we? Mechanics…. I have grown more into trying to understand the mechanics of things, before believing it. If the mechanics are verging on ridiculous, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist(Reality is stranger than fiction).. But it does say something….

If the r
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The Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science – UAP symposium 1971

Thumbnail for 25314 Hi all,


Having recently posted about the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics UAP study committee (click here) (1967-1970); and the American  Association for the Advancement of Science 1969 UAP symposium (click here), this post takes us closer to my home, in Adelaide, South Australia. This is because in 1971, the South Australian Division of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science (ANZAAS) (click here), held a one day symposium, in Adelaide, on 30 October 1971. I doubt if many blog readers have ever heard of this symposium, so I thought it would be useful to write a little about it.

Invitation to RAAF:

Interestingly, we can gain insight into the aims of the symposium from correspondence to be found on National Archives of Australia file series A703, control symbol 554/1/30 Part 2, the RAAF’s UAP policy file.

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Alien Encounter in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 10th 1982 – Human like but smaller , less that 30 cm , big cone shape head with very big eyes. I was studying engineering at UC Irving 1982 , family members came to visit me and my sister ,who also was living in Irving with her husband Etham that also was studying Engineering at UC Irving, our visitors wanted to go to las Vegas for the weekend. After we Arrived in las Vegas at the Grand Palace Hotel and checked in.It was around 5 pm . I wanted to look around at the shops in the Hotel , I remember going down a floor or two from the lobby where many shops are located. Among them was a Barbour shop. I enter to cut my hear. The lady that attended me was then in here early 40′s.She asked me to go where they wash people hair and she started washing my hear. Suddenly, I felt that her hand was moving very very fast, almost like a machine in a circle motion above my head.I felt heat above my head and a cone shape energy above my head. I had my ayes closed. Then creators appeared in my head . They looked like humans but quiet deferential in body size and head type. Their body was small ,
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Anybody have a SERIOUS thought to what these pics might mean??!!

Hello. Im new so please bear with me. I registered because of the pics Ive posted. Does ANYBODY have ANY thoughts /ideas or knowledge??? They are REAL pics a friend took from his kitchen. He had been hearing noises late at night in there but his whole family was asleep UPSTAIRS. He went in to find the ONLY thing left in the clean kitchen were two glasses he had left. They were MOVED though and had left water rings behind in the place HE left them earlier. These pics are what was there when he returned late that night/early morn. I posted these on my f/b asking for my friends’ opinions & thoughts and NOT ONE person liked or commented. I posted twice again later and again…NOT ONE thing. We have researched every ancient script/symbol we could ..similar to some yes…but nothing we felt was exact. ANY comment would be great..thank you for reading.
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UFO Sighting in Bay Shore, New York on August 4th 2014 – Was in my backyard with my son and my dog and noticed a glowing moving object I was in my backyard with my son and my dog Spanky and I take pictures of the moon and stars and we have seen objects before so I had my camera with me. What first made me notice the object was that it was bright and very low flying. When I first noticed the object, I did not know what it was, but I knew since it was so low that it was NOT an airplane and or helicopter. The object appeared to be round, glowing and was moving at a decent speed, not knowing what it was I can not say if the speed it was going was normal for the object. It was not falling, it was moving across the sky. Spanky started barking, like he always does when he sees a plane or object in the sky, and I said to my son, Eric, what’s that? I turned my camera to video mode and started filming. My feelings? I was excited, in awe a little bit, nervous because I have seen other objects in the sky and they have always been to far away for me to focus properly, but this was literately over our heads and I was determined to
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