Condensation trails passing in the moonlit night Hi all,

Two of my recent blog post interests crossed over recently. Firstly, readers will be aware of my series of posts, about the work of colleague Paul Dean and I about the 25 October 1973 North West Cape incident. Secondly, I have been examining digital copies of the “Canberra Times” newspaper, held by the National Library of Australia (available up till 1992.)

Mystery aircraft:

Two civilian airline pilots reported seeing a mystery “object” leaving a condensation trail in the moonlit night sky, near Derby, Western Australia in the early hours of Monday 29 November 1982.

“The pilot of the Qantas aircraft, Captain Barry Roberts, told company officials yesterday that he had been flying at about 10,750 metres, when in the bright moonlight he noticed a newly formed condensation trail running from north-west to south-east. His aircraft was then over approximately the entrance to King Sound.” (“Canberra Times”
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Black Triangle Sighting in Doha, Doha on July 5th 1992 – Black flying triangle with three very bright “lights” in corners, flying N/NE at 8000 feet altitude over Persian Gulf in 1992 During the summer of 1992 (June-July), while I was temporarily assigned aboard a U.S. Navy Ticonderoga class guided-missile cruiser in the Persian Gulf, I saw a black, equilateral triangle-shaped aircraft with three bright, white lights, one in each corner, flying directly over our ship. Our ship was part of the USS Independence carrier battle-group, and at the time of the sighting we were underway in the central or southern Persian Gulf. The sighting occurred sometime between midday and 3pm local Gulf time, though I cannot recall the exact date or day of the week, and it occurred at the tail-end of an underway replenishment (UNREP) exercise between our ship and the carrier. I���d learned a few minutes earlier while I was at my workstation inside that our ship was very shortly going to pull up alongside the aircraft carrier to carry out an UNREP. Having never seen one of these exercises, I���d made my way topside in order to get a better view of the activities, and I ended
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not sure what to think of it.

hey all new to this forum and new to this type of forum to! right I don’t know where to start with this so I will just say what I can remember and maybe some of you guys an girls can help me.

i was about 13-14 when i seen this.i was watching tv in my bedroom at about 1 or 2 am ( possibly 3 im 23 now cant remember the exact time ) when i seen a ball of light out of my bedroom my bedroom window backs right onto my back garden.and my back garden backs right onto a small there is trees basically making a boundary for each house in my street at the backs of the first i rubbed my eyes and thought i need to get some sleep.but as i kept watching i started to think it wasn’t me and there was actually something there.what i can describe to you is that this ball of light was about the size of a beech ball maybe a little smaller but it was not any shone bright white moved through the branches of the tree very slowly and very pre
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UFO Sighting in Tigrana, Haryana on February 20th 2004 – its like v shape very large in size with lots of blue lights and few yellow & red , without noise but very huge in size. hi
ALL fiends i am Manjeet singh
this happens with me in 2004 but i never tell any body except my mom and my wife because people laugh on such thing in india . i daily use to wake up at 4:30 am in morning during collage time and go to local stadium for jogging every day . it was winters in india at that time very little fog and little fog clouds in the sky with moon . it was a nice climate . i reached in the stadium at 5 am and did some warmup . then i saw lots of bright lights with blue in colour and few with red and yellow . if i say the number its 100+ blue and around 20 + red and yellow. its was a very huge plane with triangle like shape but not complete fully triangle. it appears coming straight from
north west direction i watch it more then 30 seconds coming very slowly towards me after coming over my head i watched it clearly it was bigger than a football ground then it slowly proceed towards southeast gain some height and gone like magic .i cant believe what i see such a hu
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Possible UFO Sighting In Southern Illinois

Is this real?…&v=VDQe8ksM7gA I have conducted analysis of the video and this is definitely not a fake can anyone provide an explanation for this strange white craft that turns orange and then disappears? x_smoke Looking for some debunk conversation. This looks real to me never been a believer before.. how could it be staged? Anyone?

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on July 27th 2014 – Event reported all over tv and newspaper for Toronto and going viral on utube Line of unknown lights and a larger brighter light further off away in the distance. Reports made to police who commented they would not be investigating. All news reports do not report any investigations. Reports on on city tv and CTV news. Also in Toronto star newspaper.. Hundreds of witnesses. Event lasted over 2hour
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The CAIPAN GEIPAN UAP UFO Workshop of July 2014 photo review

Thumbnail for 25071 Tom Tulien kindly allowed me to use some of the photos he took during the 2 day July 2014 CAIPAN GEIPAN UAP UFO workshop held at CNES headquarters in Paris France.  See my earlier post for an outline of the workshop presentations – an important development in developing a viable UAP UFO science. Photos are copyright Thomas Tulien

Tom Tulien’s research into the extraordinary 1968 Minot B52 UFO encounter is a well documented example of a latent and almost lost scientific opportunity for acquiring striking data.

UFO Sighting in Hyderabad, Telangana on September 27th 2013 – UFO observed in 1 of 2 still photos taken in 5 seconds gap I was in the train, which stopped in Falaknuma Palace Railway Station. I looking at Falaknuma Palace on the hill, in the city of Hyderabad, and took 2 pictures of the palace from the train window in a span of 5 seconds using my Samsung Mobile Phone. Train was static. Then the train moved after it got signal.

I didnot check the pictures nor did I notice the UFO in the pictures for some time. Then after a month, while downloading the pictures I observed that in the first picture taken at 21 seconds past 1809 hrs (21 seconds past 06-09 pm)there was a UFO, which was missing in the next picture taken after 5 seconds.

The Palace which I wanted to take a picture of is located near the International Airport. For some time I thought it was an airplane. But I took the Picture of the Palace after noticing that the sky is clear, and no airplanes flying that time.

Secondly, I felt that no airplane can move so fast within a span of 5 seconds gap between 2 photos, at an altitude where a plan
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Replace What Ails You

Germs can make us sick, but we didn’t know about these puny pathogens prior to the end of the 19th century. Just the suggestion that a tiny bug could spread disease made eyes roll. Then came germ theory, sterilization, and antibiotics. It was a revolution in medicine. Now we’re on the cusp of another one. This time we may cure what ails us by replacing what ails us.

Bioengineers use advancements in stem cell therapy to grow red and white cells for human blood. Meanwhile, a breakthrough in 3D printing: scientists print blood vessels and say that human organs may be next.

Plus, implanting electronic grids to repair neural pathways. Future prosthetics wired to the brain may allow paralyzed limbs to move.

We begin with the story of the scientist who discovered the bacteria that caused tuberculosis, and the famous author who revealed that his cure for TB was a sham.