Pictures of Aliens

Genuine pictures of aliens are getting harder and harder to find. There are now many thousands of fakes on the internet and the number is growing daily. So many people have some type of image editing software and they are not afraid to use it.
The trouble is that the genuine images are so often lost in the shuffle and the people who have genuine pictures of aliens are afraid to come forward in case they are accused of faking it too, not to mention the whole thing of “seeing aliens”. It is already hard to come forward and say that you have seen aliens or UFOs without having to put up with the scrutiny that you and your picture would be subjected to.

Another thing is the number of people trying to get on the alien bandwagon is growing. Nearly all the websites that say they have new photos just have the same old photos with a little work done on them to make them look different. There has been nothing new for years… at least, not that I have seen. Just do a search of “alien autopsy“ in Google Images and see what you get. I have to say that is quite annoying the way many of the most obvious fakes have titles like “real alien pictures” and “real alien caught on camera” when they are nothing of the sort. They are just some kids and sometimes adults dressed in Halloween-like outfits and dancing in the shadows or a CGI of one type or another. In fact in some cases it is really hard to know if they are real or not.

More Pictures of AliensDon’t get me wrong, I do believe that there are genuine pictures of aliens out there. In fact I would ask anyone who has one or two to send them to me through the contact page of this website, i.e. I will post them here unless you ask me not to. The quality is not important as long as they are genuine. Of course I would prefer to have high quality perfect focus and Technicolor but, I know that that is unlikely.

Check out the video below and comment on whether the images are real or fake of maybe even natural phenomena that are misleading honest people.



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