The big monster above slave lake

The big monster above slave lake

Article by Kitty Lily

After the United States the upper atmosphere research satellite debris September after fallen to earth, has reports, a German scrap satellite orbit is falling rapidly, May 20, in this month to 25 fallen to earth day. Those from the satellite if debris into densely-populated area or the key position, no more than a space launch from the attack. According to Russia the universe, a weekly report, in the 1970 s, will have a nuclear-powered Soviet satellite debris falling within to Canada, make a big storm.

Big slave lake monster of above

January 24, 1978 morning, northwestern Canada big slave lake appear over a UFO, are the lake of Canada training players were canoeing after check out by regular doses of nuclear. The UFO is the Soviet union “the universe-954” military satellite, above install a nuclear power plant. Canada and the United States government knew its true identity, and tracking for so long, and they care most is the object when fall, will fall where.

To meet the Soviet navy aircraft carrier operations against the needs of the ocean in 1961, is located in the central to instruct the Soviet near Moscow mintimer shaimiyev 52 of the listed the development “the universe” jack series reconnaissance satellites. Total designer vladimir cut los may realize that satellite of the most key problem is to solve underpowered drawbacks. Because satellite reconnaissance wants as far as possible lowlands close to the ground, the consumption of energy is very big, can’t meet the demand ordinary solar cells, nuclear power is a good solution. After DuoNian twists and turns, in 1975, the Soviet navy finally have the first installation has the “universe” nuclear device reliable reconnaissance satellite. On September 18, 1977, “the universe-954” satellite launch from the Soviet union BaiKeNuEr space launch site, with the nuclear reactor satellite have longer life time. In the same year the end of October, the satellite into normal operation stage, and it’s brother “the universe-952” serving side by side. However on October 28,, “the universe-954” satellite from the Soviet union ground monitoring center of the control.

“The universe-954” satellite has reasons for out different versions, including a common story is the satellite calibration engine damage, make satellite from normal track. And one is that “the universe-954” by laser weapon shot down. The Pravda has published a report, “the universe-954” satellite out of the fault location in Australia and just over Michael military over the shooting range, where the U.S. deployment of high energy laser weapon, it is possible that the USA will “the universe-954” satellite destroyed.

Find satellite debris 75 kilograms

“The universe-954” satellite from established track after first into a control landing state, then entered into North America over the region. On January 6, 1978 “the universe-954” satellite has been monitoring all the equipment failure, sudden fall speed increase. When that “the universe-954” satellite will fall in North America, the cia began to nervous plan capture, satellite debris, and will action code named “dawn”. Americans for the satellite on any a small parts are interested, they want to know what material, using satellite by the way what design and information processing and transmission system modes, etc. In addition to the cia carefully planning and preparation outside, the energy department, office of naval intelligence experts also join the action, and defense officials in Canada.

January 24, 1978, “the universe-954” finally in Canada domestic big slave crashed near lake, near one estimate was a about 10 square kilometers of the area is small dose of gamma radiation pollution, fortunately fell in a satellite empty areas, about 37.1 kilograms of nuclear fuel waft in the air, with only a few grams surface. In the big slave lake lake area long and narrow glaciers, baker snow, beauty and joint search work points in two stages, with the first stage from January 24, to mid April, Canadian air force sent three aircraft equipped with radiation instrument for material transport subsection air search. January 30,, in the slave lake search players east end find satellite debris, which was 200 an hour around the strength of the roentgen pollution environment, to provide nuclear protection of Canada’s defense ministry cider-making can guarantee effective protection, and U.S. and two countries emergency rushed a special container. On 4 February morning, in Canada long under the supervision of defense, CH-53 helicopter put a 500 kilograms heavy tailor-made to big lake cider-making slave, people use long handle pliers eased the terrible “monster” in cider-making. The second stage of the job search from mid-july until the middle of October. Search teams emerged victorious from both clashes in tundra, swamps and bushes and some small towns, and residential areas, search the tiny, invisible to the naked eye radioactive particles. October 18, 1978, Canada atomic energy control bureau announced, a total of 75 kg find satellite debris and sizes of radioactive debris about 3000.

Liquidation cost as much as million

In the U.S. and experts had cleaned up “the universe-954” satellite left from the “junk”, then the Canadian prime minister Pierre trudeau to the Soviet government submitted a liquidation cost claim the bill, including the cost of eliminating nuclear pollution, a total of 15 million dollars. Pay cost object should be a Soviet navy headquarters, because “the universe-954” satellite is belong to them the command. The dispute over compensation for a long time, finally the Soviet government agree to compensate part of funds, so far the world also don’t know exactly how much money the Soviet union pay, generally, is in 3 million-7.5 million dollars between. However, the United States and Canada will not suffer, because their hand also has “the universe-954” most of the satellite wreckage, maybe just those beryllium reflector and semiconductor battery pieces has certain value, but anyway, they also calculate human history’s most expensive nuclear waste.

In the United States cia agent working day and night to busy in “dawn” of action, the Soviet union counterparts had not idle. They are being formulated a plan of action, the purpose is not to let on satellite top-secret equipment fall into the hands of americans, they want to people in the United States without noticing it stolen satellite debris. The project soon worked out, but implementation difficulty is very big, the Soviet intelligence bureau to Canada to domestic secret with transport action group, each group to carry used to find satellite remains of the equipment, and do it well in the U.S. and the control agents use. Each team must also independent action, not with the local anyone and other action group contact. Because of the personnel delivered and evacuated problem is difficult to solve, once found satellite how to handle the debris is also very tough, is back, or destroyed. Finally, the Soviet union leadership has not approved the plan.

“The universe-954” satellite crash after a few years, the Soviet government has been no launch nuclear power satellite, and in the winter of 1983 and an accident, mission pause again. 1989 years later, the Soviet union and Russia government cancel nuclear power the satellite launch activities.

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