Tin Foil Hat

Tin foil is a thin and pliable metal sheeting that is manufactured, as the name implies, from tin. Sometimes the product’s name is also written “tinfoil.” In popular parlance today, many people use the term “tin foil” when what they actually are referring to is aluminum foil, which came into common use following World War II. Aluminum foil is less costly and holds up better to use.

The product uses include covering and protecting food items. Homemakers and cooks frequently wrap sandwiches, leftovers and other foods in foil. The foil is more durable than some plastic wraps, and easier to carry than plastic tubs or bowls. It also is used in the manufacture of cans.

The term tin foil hat is generally used as a derogatory remark toward someone advancing a conspiracy theory or other story that is considered incredible. It appears to have been coined to describe people who claimed UFO sightings or claimed to have been previously abducted by aliens. It was suggested that such a person might wear a tin foil hat in order to keep aliens from intercepting his or her brainwaves. However, there are some people that actually construct these hats, believing they will protect against mind control programs, radio waves, and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

In fact, a type of device made from aluminum or tin foil may help reduce EMR. It isn’t foolproof since hats or other protective gear aren’t solid enough structures. Electromagnetic radiation is also said not to be harmful, despite earlier possible concerns. Some people also say that those who promote conspiracy theories or government conspiracies are part of the hat brigade, or group. Those alleged to be a part of such a group may or may not believe that it is useful. Anyone that actually does wear it is usually considered to be disturbed.

The hat may also be known as an aluminum foil helmet. Studies have been done to test their effectiveness, although such studies are often not given much credibility. There are also people that will sell you a tin foil hat. Check online for its sellers. It might just make a good gag gift if given in the spirit of fun.

Making funny tin (CAS: 7440-31-5)foil hats is a great way to entertain children on a rainy day, or when a blackout prevents them from playing video games. Whether they are playing pirates, cops and robbers or acting like robots, you can make this hat to suit any childhood game. You can also make it from your own imagination and let the child build his or her own story around it. Making aluminum foil hats is a very easy and cheap way to spend time with your child.

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