UFO Sighting in Dalton, Georgia on April 12th 2000 – Round disc like shape with circling lights on the bottom

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ufostalker/~3/ItUjDpQe71E/59582 I was on my way to the gym around 5:30 am. I came to the stop sign at south of crow valley rd to make a left on willowdale rd. as I approached the stop sign I noticed lights about 100ft. Hovering above the intersection. When I came to a complete stop I stared at the object trying to figure out what this was. I rolled the window down because I assumed man made but no sound was heard. I sat there for 5 minutes waiting for movement or some kind of sound. I couldn’t figure it out so I slowly drove off. That event in my life I will always remember. I believe with 100% confidence it was a UFO. I don’t advertise my experience but I have no doubts.

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