UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on September 5th 2014 – Observed what I first thought was shooting star enter atmosphere travel north, reverse course, and travel south

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ufostalker/~3/ztK4nOpEVlg/59606 Was out on the back porch letting a couple of the neighbor kids look at the moon through my telescope. Decided they might enjoy a view of Albiero. However, my GoTo isn’t working and was having trouble lining it up. I looked up from my scope to make sure the scope was pointing in the right area(light pollution is pretty bad in my neighborhood…) and noticed what I thought was a “shooting star”, complete with the “poof” some of the bigger ones make when first entering the atmosphere, appear near Algenib in the constellation of Pegasus(about the same altitude, but maybe 3-5 degrees to the left of the star…). At first, the object appeared to be a dull white in color with a matching tail of ~5-7 degrees in length. The object traveled in a northerly direction for ~20 degrees, where the tail faded away and a pinpoint spherical object of orange/yellow remained. This sphere continued towards the constellation Cassiopeia. I tried to bring the object into focus with my binoculars, but object w

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