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livingselfsufficient . says:

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tito vazquez says:

do you think this so called aliens that masquerade are actually fallen
angels or are they the sons of the fallen the nephilim.. are they simply
using this biological body as a possession to trick us into believing that
we humans were created by some type of other worldly beings? is that the
main objective?. I have heard they eat human flesh and or babies. Who are
the pleidians are they being of light or simply the same thing? I don’t
trust anyone that denies the Jesus is the Christ, they don’t deny his
excistence, they claim that he was just a wise human teacher? it just
angers me… Tell me if I’m correct about them. What is it that they are
trying to accomplish? I also have read that the Vatican knows all about
them, that they are waiting for something in outerspace they have the most
sophisticated technology when it comes to astronomy… I mean why invest so
much money on this? when we have millions of Christians the live on 5$ a
week. Help me understand this agenda.

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