Unbelievable Alien Abduction Video of Dec 2010 True Events (Reenactment Short Film HD)

A short film by Mikey Bustos, based on true events of December 2010. It began on the night of December 21st, when I heard a loud buzzing noise outside. I was…


Amerigggo says:

Yeah if you read this alltherealworld.blogspot.ca/2012/11/interview-with-higer-being.html you wil definitely believe Mikey’s story

ashley cross says:

yh i see the movie the movie is fake but its a fact that more than a hundred people go missing a year in the country and no one knows how lol

ashley cross says:

sorry im being dumb but what is bustos?

MusicsAngelica says:

Because people are insensitive to it’s surroundings, we fail to see our life as a whole that has true substance, we have a concept of time. We do things that benefit us in the present by perspective. A young man has premarital sex with whom ever he wants in his youth, mindless of it’s effects in his life as a whole and his surroundings.

I don’t believe in aliens, the things he said here can be thought of in deep reflection, this is more of a psychological thing rather than an alien thing.

Efrain Estevez says:

Can’t get any gayyyer lol

Gina Bully says:



this was pretty cool

orange0819 says:

wow…so if everything and almost anything (except humans) are connected, well then they really don’t have the need to physically study and experiment on humans…they can just access the network and look for the “consciousness” of internal body parasites… 😛

orange0819 says:

hmmmm…u have nunal near ur eyes…my mom says that if u have nunal near ur eyes, ur more likely to see multos and engkantos and aswangs and other paranormal beings… maybe the same goes for aliens too?

Lee Joseph Rosales says:

it is because he is already counted bustos

Lee Joseph Rosales says:

it looks genuine to me, but why dot it? he is not a troller or something..

TheTrolligator says:


Jazminhappy says:

Hahaha. I am the most gullible person in the world. One time my friends trolled me by saying my crush was married and he was still 17, and yes I believed it.

musicmagic1999 says:

This is unique?

MrZipMk12 says:

Greys or Nordics?

Xavier Maynard says:

Once you smoke that Dmt you will be connected.

Mrzmatt5 says:

I don’t know but I really hope this isn’t a fake, I was getting excited.

enzoTHEferrari says:


Amerigggo says:

Well your prediction didt happen

Mrzmatt5 says:

It’s December 20, 2012 at 3:53 pm central. According to this video and the mayan calendar, tomorrow will be the day that we become connected to the network. Let us see if this video is actually true! I hope so. It will be like the force in Star Wars.

tenup says:

Did these entities look humanoid or otherwise?

MadOldPete says:

Beneficiary? You mean benefactor, my omniscient alien friend. 😉

kolmilyo says:

i love this.

Albert Labrador says:

time for no time. bro! hahahaha!

dragon4square says:

Michael Jackson, Gandhi, and Hitler all knew this. We are being deceived through television so that when we hear such things, we think one is an evil racist. That is why they constantly push “worse than Hitler.” It makes people think Hitler is the epitome of evil. They then ask why. They say to themselves “he hated Jews.” People then think anyone against Jews is evil. Hell, I thought the same thing. I went out to prove holocaust deniers they were wrong only to find they were absolutely correct.

dragon4square says:

They are not the Israelite of the bible, and that is historical and archaeological fact. They even admit it in their own Jewish encyclopedias. It is interesting that the people he mentioned all have on thing in common. They all knew about these people that most call Jews with an erroneous understanding of what that word means. There is a satanic state in the middle-east that controls media, finance, and even our, the United States and other western countries, governments.

dragon4square says:

I look for such things as well. If you go back, it is remarkably consistent. Moreover, it is interesting the people he mentioned. Hardly anyone in this current reality, and I am sure Mikey up to this point, would not have included Hitler when commenting on others. We have been conditioned to think he was the most evil person and committed genocide. The truth is he did not. The world is currently in control, and has been for a long time, by the people you call Jews. They are in reality Satanists.

dragon4square says:

I thought they say the number ending in 2 referring to others besides Mikey. When they said the number ending in 3, they were including him.

justin clements says:

I am an abductee but I have little or no knowledge and memory of my actual abductions but I have had countless run-ins and actual sightings with terrifying alien life forms. Can you please help me? I need answers. This is not a joke.

ashley cross says:

skip to 8:00 the alien say at end bla bla bla then 2 humans then the other guys say why bla bla bla 3 humans why the odd number lol obv fake!!! caught u out

jondazo3 says:

it has to do with the connection they talk about. once they made the connection with mikey they knew everything that he knew. that’s my theory anyway

jondazo3 says:

in the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke at the end they go over the time when Mary went to Jesus tomb and found it empty but in each book there’s a small differences (i highly suggest reading it) and at the end of the book of Mark in some bibles it even has “added” verses that weren’t even there in the original text.
im not goin against the bible nor am i goin against God. i’m just stating things i’ve noticed from randomly searching the internet, reading the bible, and even talking to my pastor

jondazo3 says:

what you say is true, God is the only creator and has the power to create. it is also true that it doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that god created other life forms on other planets. but to go strictly by the bible sometimes would be one sided. don’t get me wrong, i am christian but there are things about the bible that ppl don’t talk about.
example: books that were taken out of the bible like the book of Enoch. (cont.)

jondazo3 says:

haters gonna hate. everyone has their own belief system. it’s just a matter of understanding other people instead of being dismissive

jondazo3 says:

if you recall the ending of the video the “aliens” say they would give Mikey a “gift” which happens to be remembering the whole experience

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