LATEST MARS ALIEN HAND 2014 ANOMALIES FROM NASA ROVER CURIOSITY PICS Also please check out Whats UpIn The Sky 37 Wills Channel and the Mars Anomalies Channel and Third…


Don Townsend says:

Great video .The evidence of a present or former humanoid civilization is
overwhelming and undeniable . How long is Nasa going to be able to deny the

Don Townsend says:

If there is nothing on Mars but a bunch of rocks why are many other Nations
including the U.S. busting their buts and budgets to get there ?! There
going because the pictures the Curiosity Rover has been sending back have
proved beyond any shadow of a doubt the existence of a humanoid
civilization on Mars. But, NASA refuses to acknowledge what their evidence
shows ? Instead there’s very strong evidence they are manipulating the
images to cover up even more conclusive evidence. The last video listed,
shows a former NASA EMPLOYEE TESTIFYING to being a witness TO NASA’s
protocol of PHOTO MANIPULATION How do you explain NASA’S reluctance to
admit to reality. It’s because NASA is still bound by the BROOKING’S REPORT
included at the end of this Post.

People look up all Curiosity And Mars Anomalies on YouTube . Very credible
and undeniable evidence of life on Mars Being covered up by NASA. You don’t
really think we’re spending billions of dollars and about to spend billions
more on ANOTHER ROVER that’s going to be EQUIPPED TO SAMPLE ” DNA “, just
to look at a bunch of rocks do you !

Here’s a few videos to prove my point.
Former Astronaut Explains The UFO Cover-Up 2013 1080p HD Edgar Mitchell ,
Former APOLLO Astronaut,NASA Cover up
Mars. Curiosity. PIA16453 Anomalies. Stone block with Right Angles & Writing
St Vincent 3-26-13 HD The Most Important Photo Ever Taken Egyptian carvings
& Statues
NASA Rover finds Egyptian Statue on Mars?! Egyptian statue
The haunted planet: Mars 2013 Ancient sea bed100’s of fossils 2min 13sec
best Image.30 ft. fossilized marine dinosaur. 1:21 full image on the left
Curiosity Rover finds City Complex on Mars – Viewer Requested Mound city
Humans On Mars Bullet Proof Disclosure Humanoids
Mars Curiosity,Possible Brique,Brick ,11 Octobre 2013 Egyptian type
construction stone
Mars Anomalies 2013 , Alien Ruins , Structures , Life Alien Ruins ,
Structures, Life
A Year On Mars Anomalies, Curiosyty NASA, Happy Birthday 2013 Many
Irrefutable Anomalies
Aliens : It’s Official, Human life came from a rock on Mars so says a
Scientist (Aug 31, 2013) Life on Earth Could Have Come From Mars…21%21%21&sm=12
choose Video- NASA UFOs and Anomalies !!!- Do not Watch !!! FOR ABOVE LINK
NASA employee Donna Hare testifying to photo manipulation

Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human
Affairs, often referred to as “the Brookings Report,” was a 1960 report
commissioned by NASA and created by the Brookings Institution in
collaboration with NASA’s Committee on Long-Range Studies. It was submitted
to the House Committee on Science and Astronautics of the United States
House of Representatives in the 87th United States Congress on April 18,
1961.[1] It was entered into the Congressional Record and can be found in
any library possessing the Congressional Record for that year.
The report has become noted for one short section titled, “The implications
of a discovery of extraterrestrial life,” which examines the potential
implications of such a discovery on public attitudes and values. The
section briefly considers possible public reactions to some possible
scenarios for the discovery of extraterrestrial life, stressing a need for
further research in this area. It recommends continuing studies to
determine the likely social impact of such a discovery and its effects on
public attitudes, including study of the question of how leadership should
handle information about such a discovery and under what circumstances
leaders might or might not find it advisable to withhold such information
from the public.
While not specifically recommending a cover-up of evidence of
extraterrestrial life, Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful
Space Activities for Human Affairs does suggest that contact with
intelligent extraterrestrial life (or strong evidence of its reality) could
have a disruptive effect on human societies. Moreover, it does mention the
possibility that leadership might wish to withhold evidence of
extraterrestrial life from the public under some conditions.

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