Many Giant UFOs and Anomalies around the Sun – the official NASA pictures – January 9, 2013.

This review presents a lot of UFOs and anomalies that have been observed near the Sun January 9, 2013. Examined satellite pictures SWAP 174, SOHO STEREO Ahea…


michaelnew1962 says:

Now that’s just silly

kuruwak666 says:

Its not others planets?..

Damnationization says:

Then meteroids or asteroids.

myunhauzen74 says:

Your opinion is wrong and it is proven many, many times.

Larry Medina says:

I have 2 reports that something is flying with the ISS right now! You have
any footage of it? Get back to me ASAP, thanks.

SaudiArabian007 says:

Is it reasonable that if we do not know what it is, then it is
automatically UFO’s?

SirMatters says:

Fuck! The Sun is green! They have colored it!

james palestro says:

great job Alex!

888SiRianLove888 says:

The truth will out. Thx a lot for sharing. Thumbs up !♥

Annunaki11 says:

Jack was famous for saying ..” You can’t handle the truth !! ” . Ignorance
is the grease that keeps the world in motion . If the World knew the truth
, it would grind to a halt . It is the lack of mass hysteria , that keeps
it going . So lets keep it that way .

LeonRussellisGod says:

what I would really be interested in seeing is views of the same object in
different locations, thus showing orbital path.

LeonRussellisGod says:

CME debris (Coronal Mass Ejection)

Murad Kadir says:

) может все таки начнется покорение Земли ) и будет у нас мир Postal 3

LeonRussellisGod says:

I’ve taken a second look and it does appear to be massive motherships.

Itsmerut says:


Shermanator Osborn says:

NASA silence says volumes ,the Vatican knows…these are seen by the
“Establishment”. They ignore the fact we see them and any question about
them. wELL…i AIN’T NUTS, yet…and I don’t need NASA or the Vatican
tellin me . .”They are just FLOATERS , what are ya ??NUTS?/?”.So this is
just the tip of the iceburg and the rabbit hole is really a canyon when the
roof falls in. just sayin

Юрий Николаевич Федотов says:

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Massimo Conte says:
Shermanator Osborn says:

this the biggest clue to the biggest conspiracy of the last….ever

Victoria Generao says:
Alexey Sapozhnikov says:

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