NASA RELEASING SOME AMAZING PHOTO’S – SOL 663 TruthSeeker’s Mars Anomaly Research



Patrick Brown says:

I’m gonna go on a limb here and say I think it’s some sort of power
facility covered up by NASA.

John Howe says:

Hope all your recent problems are soon sorted for ya Mark. Keep up the
fight bud
Thinkin of ya.

Xan3119 says:

Sweet. That’s pretty undeniable and blatant. I think the folks at NASA let
us know, without letting us know. It’s almost like it’s just enough for us
believers to know, and enough for the sheep to stay asleep. I love your
work brother, cAtch you later

jonbon jones says:

I think you’re right.

AmazonKC says:

you always find the coolest sols!

SusieKumari says:

Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for all the work you do to
share with us. Take care and God Bless You, Susie

Silver Bull says:

they arent on mars they are on the desert in California 

Mars I Pan says:

Hang in there, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you feel like it did.
Then it’s a new day.
Keep ’em coming. Videos like yours and those of your friends inspired me
to create my own channel to find stuff for myself. Check it out when THINGS
get back to normal for you.

BigBritsearching says:

Thanks for the amazing research!
You are uncovering the truth about our history and our potential future!

Silver Bull says:


goondoog says:

One thing I’ve noticed about all the mars photos I see is how far the
horizon is, not far at all. My opinion is, is that mars is very small! Or
that could just be me. 

fuboo36 says:

clicked on link for photo, different pic came up

lisa rowell says:

im looking at SOL 663 on nasa gov photo nothing like this guy photo ?????

vbrigham says:

One word! 4 inch tall little people live on Mars! Check my channel out on
the evidence I have uncovered and subscribe to my channel truthseeker and I
will subscribe to yours. Yes the little people are rock workers and they
camouflage their dwellings.

Roeemarie Anselmo says:

Can’t tell what any of it is that. Really? Take clear pictures

vincent morgan says:

you guys are buying into stuff that is not allways complete if the pictures
were clear it would help, i do belive thier was a advanced race long ago
,and a war took out most if not all life. but billy miyer has been proven
to be a fraud. look at billys space gun that should be enough,if not just
look into billy debunked.

solarpurplestarlight says:

Very cool, Mark! For so long, the Sols have been getting worse and worse,
then all of a sudden, the clarity is getting better, of the photos being
made public. I agree, that the jokers at NASA/JPL are finally rolling out
some kind of disclosure, without them having to tell us. They are going to
let you guys/gals who spend the time and effort showing the public, what
you are finding, to be the ones to disclose the truth. Even if they roll
out a few photos without the manipulation, would be such a boon for
everyone. All we need is one or two non-manipulated pristine photos. That
is it. I will keep hoping, at least. 

Zakkura Kasem says:

Good video

Silvia Flores says:

Hey Truthseeker, All of these so called rocks look like building
structures, my boyfriend is a carpenter and he says it looks like building
and Navy Tarps, I am so impressed with your work, love it

Robert Lassche says:

One of these days, we will get a really clear picture. This one here is an
amazing find. If only we could tweak the focus on the camera. I sincerely
doubt there will be rioting in the streets.

vincent morgan says:

can you say blurrieeeee

Richard Perex says:

faces everywhere. I have been watching that since long time ago, it´s a

chnowski says:

Great work. 

purplehaze6t9 says:

hey mark, how are ya buddy. I wish there was a way to expose nasa with all
of what everyone has found from the pics on mars. I think if we had enough
people get together, and demand our rights we might have a chance at it.
man its driving me crazy!!! I want to see what nasa has for photos, and
video as we know there must be video of a lot of things they have found on
mars. thanks mark. ben

Anthony Smith says:

NASA simply MUST open up to us on all these anomalies! The more we see, the
less they say-get your act together, people….stop this silence and just
tell us!!
The sceptics/trolls are the only ones who will stand silent and hang their
heads in shame…very soon, now.

pam cass says:

BEAUTIFUL ………Thanks Truthseeker……Your The Best…x

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