4 Mysterious Alien Existence ‘Proofs’ – 2014 Aliens Caught on Tape [HD] – Aliens on the Moon

4 interesting alien existence proving videos. Perhaps they are fake and perhaps they are real. Only time will be a honest judge of that. Some of us may not s…


Mystery X-Files says:

Aliens exist!

Mystery X-Files says:

Proof of aliens!

Mystery X-Files says:
MinuteScience says:

Who are we to judge if they are fake or not? I mean, there ought to be
other species other than we know out there. We couldn’t be so up in our
heads and think we know everything…That is not the right thing to do!

GOGplayer says:

Nice video! These ones about aliens are my favourite from your channel! But
have you considered that they could offend people?

Bridgett Rowland says:

‘Love your Channel!!!! I love the way you present and all the trappings to
go with. Great Work. Will be sharing with my FB UFO Page I have. “Georgia
UfO Group.”

brandon Botos says:

The thing that ran after them is scp

Fernando Delgado says:

Aliens exist!

Glucoperon says:

People will believe just about any stupid unfounded bullshit 

Malachi The Zealous Watchman says:

4 #Mysterious #demon Existence ‘Proofs’ – not #Aliens!

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