Alien UFO Sighting 2012 Over Billings, Montana UFOs Orbs Caught On Tape Today More Videos This Week Today’s UFO Sighting : UFO / ORBS Caught On Tape Today Over Billings, Montana This Week . Sep 20th 2012


Shawn Wilson says:

Which church is this?

Real UFO tv says:

Thank you

Scarymonkey21 says:

This is in Montana people dont know how to do that

goodmorninggirl621 says:

The cross is a frame you can see the point of the roof at the bottom of it
Seen the lower orb obscured by the cross @ 0.14

oOowonderlandoOo says:

its in back of it at 0.14.. stop the video @ 0.14 its not hard to do

anAmericanHustler says:

Watch it again.. you can see it pass in back of the cross, its not solid
you can see the sky and the orb obscured by it at 0.14

Turkey UFO Incident says:

add me I will add you back

SonyKing01 says:

This is fake you see the 2nd orb pass right in front of the cross

anAmericanHustler says:

The Truth will soon be seen and all will know

Bloody Alien says:

Again…. I repeat here… similar to another video posted today from New
York… I saw 4 of them on 9th September in Venice Italy, but they were
flying steadily from East to West, not really fast, but neither slow

I Believe In Paranormal says:

Good sighting thanks!

Real UFO tv says:

AID! … J/K …. Thanks for watching and commenting!!!

LCARS43278 says:

Faker than Obama’s US birth certificate. I can spot amateur use of After
Effects a mile away.



Real UFO tv says:

Thanks for your comment

DArtagnan2013 says:

Worldwide watchers are now seeing groups of UFOs more frequently. Its just
a short matter of time before they land so get ready to welcome our
visitors because they are here to stay. UFOs are not going away. Thank
God they found us and now they can help us solve our problems with
eradicating war, poverty, homelessness etc etc.

mantovannni says:

nice sighting. i wonder what they are doing?

nobium41 says:

As I looked, behold, a stormy wind came out of the north, and a great
cloud, with brightness around it, and fire flashing forth continually, and
in the midst of the fire, as it were gleaming metal.

Lostmodalities says:

If the UFO is real, than why does is pass in front of the cross, when its
supposed to be in the distance? If the cross is solid, then it would
obscured, but it stays the same while crossing.


Nice Jesus jejee

Real UFO tv says:

thank you

mjb0072012 says:

And I will cause signs and wonders in heaven …… and on earth!!!!!!!
Jesus Christ

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