Case Tape 347

Home video made by two hikers — on the day they went missing.


ilovebakugan5 says:

that is so fake even though they said it wasn’t

blacksdragons3 says:

o que um homem faz para por a namorada no monte. :p

luisonlv says:


Jesse Bains says:

Not bad, but you made the crash far too close to be realistic, the shockwave from something that size would have been huge. Should have made the effect on a hilltop and then delayed the explosion sound by a few seconds.

Dragofrost7777 says:

Move it’s body

Dragofrost7777 says:

It’s fake cause the alien jumped on his head and killed him but when it looked up at her, it’s head had moved to the other side of its body even though you see it not

fallova29 says:

Dude this is totally real. and just think of that was a real meteorite impact they both be dead from the shockwave.

Xxmixxitupxx says:

I’m g onna call the number and role play lol

lee boyd says:

It had me but….fake

TheOnnimanni says:


rehanrk74 says:

Good work

boildpeanuts says:

Check out my A N A L

lynn butt says:


Ramsin Kutter says:

This is cool but fake lol!!

Marco Diaz says:

if this video is fake well it was really well made.
if it isnt well holy shit! this shit is cray. im a believer of aliens thats for sure. always have been. still hot me thinking about how the camera landed perfectly to see the other victim get eaten by lil bulbasaur. lol

XTtramptricks says:

We have an interesting video on our channel

Mustafa Khan says:

Fake ass motherfuckers just like how paranormal activity was supposedly true

fedorwand says:

blair amagedon alien


Soo fake

frank curry says:

Check Out UFO SOUNDS by Frank Curry.

Duane Ringsage says:

Apparently these two individuals are alleged to still be missing since 2005. Apparently there is also some stories that state that the individuals on camera were just actors, not the two individuals who are missing. The video in my opinion was a real home movie? Supposedly there is a reward still outstanding for information about this case!

vlkns79 says:


XxAmazingScreamer1xX says:

people are quick to say something is fake, when they can’t understand something or wont accpte the truth becuase they really scared

reklat7 says:

ты прям самыий умный)))

boyaka619ify says:

The little “unknown creature” looks animated at the end…..belived it at first now I don’t buh bye 😛

TheYoungMaster Arthur says:

Justin Beiber is fake

Chaz Simmons says:

Obviously fake. Thing about it. That big of a meteor not o diegetic it was burning on fire, but really fast, would’ve sink at least one foot deeper than that. Also look closely when the alien thing attacks first it had three legs two arms and a really small head then later it has a big head and big glowing eyes. Also I see when the man is attacked, he started to burn a little, the fire looking amazing fake. Bye haters 😛

Chaz Simmons says:

Vbrigham you’ve seen them too right??!

M I am Arnella says:

Really Fake.

vbrigham says:

Is there a reward? I think I’ve seen them at a convenient mart picking up supplies. They had two strange looking children that were wearing over coats and their faces were covered up like they were hiding their faces. Very strange, the adults seemed to be in a trance and getting instructions from the kids on what to buy. LOL

CRLMZI99 says:

This is so real!

lavand hassan says:

fake !

yourtubenetwork says:

I saw a meteor fireball from my car on I-40 East and uploaded it to my channel. I am sure the world is going to end soon.

Raj Gol says:

and now….where is the meteorite?….it have a ton of money…

FuturoXnovio says:

Nice editing but you still need some work to do 🙂

mickdaum28 says:

What’s worse, the acting, or the physics?
Rather than exploding / embedding itself deep in the earth, a meteor seats itself halfway above ground. Yep, just took half the depth of a meteor to zero out the speed developed from an outer space drop to earth.
Also, after this meteor has been heated to the point of glowing, it is suddenly cools enough to come within arms reach of.
And for those of you who believe this is real: You are the talking animals, allowed to drive cars that terrify me.

Moonlit Kim says:

everybody.. ~ hellow~ did you guys actually saw commercial before this clip.. ya good work~ we just hit almost 7 million viewer

Jake Driscoll says:

3:35 om nom nom :3

DrunkBacteria says:


David Mintsis says:

this had cheaper effects than Tron the old movie version.
try pictur trolling next time, photoshop is much easier than video manipulation

Edwin Juatas says:

this is real and to those who dont believe this, they are just idiots and less research of alliens species existence on earth..

horsensscope says:

That was completely rewarding, seeing the obnoxious character being taken out by a ninja alien…

Joachim Klein says:

Blair Witch Project3 ? 😉

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