Stunning UFO Sightings Footage caught on tape on the first day of 2010

Stunning NEW UFO footage caught on tape on the first day of 2010 in broad daylight with high definition camera. Aw…


Neon donkeys says:

This is probably the worst U F O video i ever watched…


@darrenferguson06 funny hope didnt use a shuffle..

PoPinChik says:

this looks like a remote controlled toy

alejandro cantu says:

thats a kite u faget

RolfHarass says:

Dude…did you take a knock to the head or were you inbred with a lion?
Cause you talk really, really, really, really, really slooooooow……and

GamerComedy says:

@narutofanstudios1234 Aren’t you funny.

Hanno Steenkamp says:

Thats a bad pilot

MrRotcehzepol says:

I , to, would fly in just to see what was making that verbal noise.

narutofanstudios1234 says:

@GamerComedy yes

TheErkis28 says:

a frisbee and your mother talking so???

UnforgivenSoul says:

@RaxalVlog haha

Bella Moon says:

So fake

YoYoTheRobotSmurf says:


u2bdetox says:

Wow, will you call me w/ that sexy voice? Is this going to be one of those
videos where I watch it and something scares the ever loving shit out of me
at the end?

MrDouble98 says:

i think my little brother has one of these ,u know the one’s with the
remotes hey and if u find an alien just tell so that it gets screwed up too

pardyhardly says:

Ashton Kuecher might do okay. At least watch the first episode this fall
before making judgemental statements.

zhakun100 says:


drksyde72 says:


Lincoln Anthony says:

That’s quite a nice kite you have there

ta2fiend says:

Bowel gas

danielninja1000 says:

man thats some crazy sound at 0:05 listen to it with the volume up???

themega11 says:

probably more than 99.99% of ufo sightings on youtube are fake however
there must be some real ones. Even though some of them are gorvenment
flying objects with advanced technology like the tr3b which is the
triangular flying object with three lkights and one in the centre tht many
people thought was extra terrestrial

GamerComedy says:

@narutofanstudios1234 Nope.

tepoen98 says:

So many people think ufo’s are fake. I don’t. Of course they are real.
People are not special. I am sure there are tons of other planets in the
galaxy that have life. And that life is probably a heck of a lot smarter
than we are. And I don’t think ufos look like frisbees. When did we start
thinking that? I think they look just like our planes or they look a lot
more advanced. And we do not know what they look like. We just guess. They
probably look like us or our animals.

TheAerosmith3 says:


mindtrue63 says:

Uh nice try.. You didn’t move the camera because it was on a fishing line
in between the trees. Someone was just lowering it and it was spinning more
than likely due to the weather conditions at the time or it was some funky
remote control flying saucer.

Cody Hanak says:

wheather balloon

xMW2xCLIPZx says:

the footage is slowed down by at least 10x…. but the “UFO” is shaking
like its on fukcing skittles.. cmon .. obvs fake. I don’t know why I don’t
just give up finding real footage.

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