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Pekingesejedi says:

This is how the government will explain The Rapture;when millions if
Christians disappear without a trace instantly worldwide…Aliens.a very
convenient cover up.Di you think the government will actually say “Jesus
took His flock home”?

Travis Gullickson says:

Love your guy’s work!! Thank you!!! AWESOME catch!!!!!!!!! Keep em

Toxic Reality says:

Excellent find! You guys are one of very few legit researchers. You guys
should go teach some of these other channels how it’s done! Like those two
fakes out of Hawaii. Although they have up’d their game with some decent
interviews. They still have a tendency of uploading obvious fakes or
obvious aircraft.
Keep up the good work!

babylina hajj says:

Thank you for your upload,great watching as always,but I am still drawn to
those videos of object behind moon,the interview with the nasa whistle

secureteam10 says:
WiseGuy5674 says:

The trouble is, there are too many bull-shit UFO clips on YouTube, to the
point that it can be difficult to know whats bullshit and what isn’t

bruffmeister1 says:
Sherri Berry says:

So where is the ufo? I don’t see a thing where the arrow is pointing. Is it
just me? This is going to drive me nuts until I can find it…lol….what
am I missing here?

Rahim Hussain says:

This is the real stuff, unlike that ‘thirdphaseofmoon’ channel which really
has become funny to watch. All you see is white dots in the sky. However,
this channel shows you the UFO close up which is amazing. Thank you Secure

Rodney Johnson says:

What are triangle images I see around the earth?

James L Verhovec says:

What has ever become of the event recorded in the Ukraine back in March? It
has been washed away from us. That’s OK I guess; we’ll forget eventually.

Leroy Jenkins says:

Nice one! Can’t hide it forever.

John Messina says:

UFO cover up by NASA.

TheArtOfQuietBear says:

Vids like this, are why I sub’d in the first place…

Great catch, again! ;)

Rain mon says:

very entertaining. space station is underwater in a pool in NM and the
earth pic is the color Hollywood and Nasa show it when they are pretending
to be in outer space

Moolz says:

Ugh! Video is not working in 3 browsers!

George Mount says:

Nice job secureteam10!

Sinosure says:

Keep doing your thing Secureteam! Great catch! Question… How big do you
guys think that UFO was?

James Connell says:

nice 1 .can you please tell me what your theme tune is called thank you

Dave Em says:

G’day Team, nice work once again.
And thanks for the cool Tee, Sheila’s love it down the pub because it’s so
unusual. :)

kg2679 says:

I don’t see it.

weetzandjim says:

I don’t actually see anything in the video, but I do believe because I seen
some weird ufo type shit twice in my life. Subbed.

maple2614 says:

So glad you recorded this! I saw the same object but didn’t have my capture
software running! Awesome that you guys did! Keep up the great work.

Whydamaker says:

Fantastic! Keep up the great work. 

Debra Smith says:

This is a great catch thank you for sharing .I see you have gotten some
attention from some trolls or disinformation agents .keep up the good work.

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